32 grade 8 writing prompts

Eigth year is a huge year for our students! They are stressed and under pressure as they move upwards school. We can reduce this stress by writing as long as the prompts are meaningful and engaging to our students. We’ve compiled a list of 32 engaging prompts to get your students writing and think critically about the message they want to express.

1. What new technology has developed in your life and how has it helped you?

2. Write a newspaper article describing the dangers of global warming.

8th GWP - 2

3. Describe your favorite place to someone who has never been there. What can they do and see?

8th GWP - 3

4. Think about your hobby and write an article explaining its benefits to someone who doesn’t know it.

8th GWP - 4

5. Describe your unique family tradition to someone outside your family.

8th GWP - 5

6. Write a story to explain to elementary school children how to prepare for middle school.

8th GWP - 6

Sponsored links7. Do you think it is easier to be a boy or a girl? Why?

8th GWP - 7

8. Does online harassment exist? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 8

9. What is the most important information you can give to an adult?

8th GWP - 9

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10. Do you think that freedom of expression should not have consequences?

8th GWP - 10

11. Do you think that wearing a school uniform benefits all students? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 11

12. Sometimes people say boys shouldn’t cry. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

8th GWP - 12

Sponsored links13. If you were to start a YouTube channel, what would you talk about and why?

8th GWP - 13

14. Do you think 8th grade students are young or old? Why?

8th GWP - 14

15. What are you allergic to and how do you deal with it on a daily basis?

8th GWP - 15

Sponsored links16. What do you do when you are sick?

8th GWP - 16

17. Why are writing skills important?

8th GWP - 17

18. Do you prefer to watch TV or read books? Why is this better?

8th GWP - 18

19. Describe a food that someone has never eaten. How will it taste, smell and feel?

8th GWP - 19

20. Write a letter to a friend who has just lost a family member.

8th GWP - 20

21. Write a letter to your grandmother teaching her how to use an iPhone.

8th GWP - 21

22. Write a letter to your principal to convince him to let you start a school club.

8th GWP - 22

23. Describe your daily routine to someone who lives in Japan.

8th GWP - 23

24. What does “the apple does not fall far from the tree” mean and where does it come from?

8th GWP - 24

25. Think about all the plastic waste in the ocean. Write a solution test for this problem.

8th GWP - 25

26. Why is it important to conserve the rainforest?

8th GWP - 26

27. Should people be allowed to travel anywhere in the world without a passport? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 27

Sponsored links28. What is haggis, and would you eat it? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 28

29. Do all states have the same laws? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 29

30. Imagine that you are an American Revolutionary Soldier. What would you do when you hear “The British are coming?” “

8th GWP - 30

31. Write a letter to the Founding Fathers suggesting reasonable changes to the constitution.

8th GWP - 31

32. Write a response to this quote from Frida Kahlo “I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality”. What does she mean by that, and how can you do that?

8th GWP - 32

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