54 Grade 7 writing prompts

In the seventh year, our students prepare for their adolescence. This time can be very confusing for them as they prepare for high school. We can help our students take pride in their work as they mature into adulthood through writing. These 54 writing prompts will teach your students to express themselves through their writing, and that the power of words can help them get through tough and good times.

1. Let me know what effect the most critical person in your life has on you. What caused them?

2. What effects will climate change have on the world over the next 20 years?

7th GWP - 2

3. What made the whales sing more during the COVID-19 pandemic?

7th GWP - 3

4. What effect does the dying coral reef have on the ocean and its marine life?

7th GWP - 4

5. How has technology changed society?

7th GWP - 5

6. What happens to your body when you smoke cigarettes?

7th GWP - 6

Sponsored links7. What happens to your body when you drink alcohol?

7th GWP - 7

8. How did Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech affect the United States?

7th GWP - 8

9. What are the effects on the body if we don’t sleep for a week?

7th GWP - 9

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10. How did Christopher Columbus change our daily lives?

7th GWP - 10

11. Many people in America speak more than one language. How has this changed American life in places like Texas?

7th GWP - 11

12. How are Americans different from the British?

7th GWP - 12

Sponsored links13. How is American culture different from Chinese culture?

7th GWP - 13

14. Is it better to have a keen sense of hearing or smell? Why?

7th GWP - 14

15. What character traits do Winnie Foster and Mae Tuck have in common in the book “Tuck Everlasting”?

7th GWP - 15

Sponsored links16. What are the similarities and differences between Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Halloween?

7th GWP - 16

17. Write a biography of George Orwell and include examples from his most influential books.

7th GWP - 17

18. Who was Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and why was she such an important figure in the United States?

7th GWP - 18

Sponsored links19. Why did Martin Luther King write “I have a dream”?

7th GWP - 19

20. The world’s polar bears are in danger of disappearing. What can we do to change this?

7th GWP - 20

21. Some people in the United States do not have enough money to buy food. How can we help these people?

7th GWP - 21

Sponsored links22. Why does America have high rates of gun crime? How can we solve this problem?

7th GWP - 22

23. How can we make sure that every American is ready to work and be a productive member of society?

7th GWP - 23

24. How do you show school spirit, and what does it mean to have it?

7th GWP - 24

Sponsored links25. Write the story of a student who got into trouble because he didn’t take the time to do his homework.

7th GWP - 25

26. Write down things you do at home that you don’t do at school. Why can’t we do them at school?

7th GWP - 26

27. Do you think the rich should give to charity? Why or why not?

7th GWP - 27

28. Tell me about your strongest conviction and why you think this way.

7th GWP - 28

29. Write a poem about staying young forever.

7th GWP - 29

30. Tell me why Barack Obama was essential to American history.

7th GWP - 30

Sponsored links31. If you could homeschool permanently, would you? Why or why not?

7th GWP - 31

32. Would you like to be a judge? Why or why not?

7th GWP - 32

33. Do your friends change as they get older? Why or why not?

7th GWP - 33

Sponsored links34. How are you different from when you were in elementary school?

7th GWP - 34

35. Should waking up early be illegal? Why or why not?

7th GWP - 35

36. If you could try any food in the world, what would it be and why?

7th GWP - 36

37. Tell me about some qualities that you got from your parents that are good.

7th GWP - 37

38. If you could never eat one food again, what would it be and why?

7th GWP - 38

39. How does your local government ensure the day-to-day running of your city?

7th GWP - 39

40. What do people take for granted, and how can we change this?

7th GWP - 40

41. What is the meaning of life?

7th GWP - 41

42. What is the craziest animal you’ve ever owned?

7th GWP - 42

43. Write a poem about your favorite vacation and be sure to include words to describe the five senses.

7th GWP - 43

44. How would you like to be a celebrity? Why or why not?

7th GWP - 44

45. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being ultra-rich?

7th GWP - 45

46. ​​Tell me about the first time you saw a teacher at the store. What did you think?

7th GWP - 46

47. Tell me about a time when you worked really hard for something and succeeded.

7th GWP - 47

48. Tell me about a time when you made a New Year’s resolution and kept it. How did you reach your goal?

7th GWP - 48

49. Do you prefer to stay awake all night or get up early in the morning? Why?

7th GWP - 49

50. If you could go back to first grade, what would you say to yourself and why?

7th GWP - 50

51. Tell me about the first time you went to a haunted house.

7th GWP - 51

52. Write about a time when you felt unappreciated by your friends. What did you do?

7th GWP - 52

53. Tell me about the first time your parents left you home alone. How did you feel

7th GWP - 53

54. What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you in school?

7th GWP - 54

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