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It’s no secret that Hollywood prefers reboots with a baked audience to the unknown entity of the original scripts these days. While we don’t blame them for their concern for the all-important result, we can’t help but itch for something a little more… original. There are a lot of creative people out there with great ideas, and for proof, look no further than Reddit’s r / WritingPrompts. The subreddit encourages aspiring writers to get into writing flash fiction, short stories, and sometimes, complete novels based on user-submitted prompts.

In a quick overview of the main prompts, you’ll find dozens of ideas begging to be Hollywood scripts. So we decided to have a little fun and imagine what the movies based on these prompts might look like. For each entry, we’ve listed our choice for a director and main cast, and created a basic synopsis that spells out our take on those potentials. movie theater. Tired of the same old story? Check out these Reddit writing prompts / arguments Hollywood should seriously consider.

A world far away

Fast: “A planet rotates once every thousand years, so each side is either tundra or desert; the poles are also frozen garbage, but there is a small area of ​​habitable land still moving. Two isolated nomadic tribes on either side of the planet are beginning to find the 500-year-old relics on the other.

Movie Title: A world far away

Quick and dirty synopsis: Stranded at opposite ends of a distant planet, two outcasts, rejected by their respective tribes, find ancient relics of their respective civilizations. Although they live incredibly far from each other, their common search for identity makes them cross paths, in the heart of the vast desert that separates them.

Will they be able to overcome their differences, brave the elements and start from scratch?

Dream director: Ridley scott

Known for his dystopian and grainy sci-fi blockbusters, Scott is the perfect director for a movie of this ilk. With classics like Extraterrestrial and Blade runner on his resume, we have no doubt that he would bring this prompt to the big screen in a truly epic way.

Dream casting: Tom Hardy, Alicia Vikander

With Mad Max: Fury Road still fresh in our minds, we would love to see Hardy roam a dystopian wilderness again. As for Vikander, she is one of the most talented young actresses in Tinseltown, and Ex Machina proven to be capable of a mind-blowing sci-fi performance.


Fast: “A serial killer who kills hitchhikers picks up a serial killer who kills people who pick him up.”

Movie Title: Carpooling

Quick and dirty synopsis: In this offbeat dark comedy, a chance encounter puts two serial killers in each other’s sights. Whether driver or passenger, only one man will make it out alive.

Dream director: Guy ritchie

Ritchie’s penchant for fun, frenzied, offbeat action would play well with a script based on this prompt, as would his cheeky sense of humor. We imagine a Face / Off-style, mano a mano action movie with the personality of To tear out Where lock, reserve and two smoking barrels.

Dream casting: Jake Gyllenhaal, Oscar Isaac

Gyllenhaal’s spooky chops were on full display in Somnambulist, just like Isaac in Ex Machina. Put these two in a car, lock the doors, and grab some popcorn.


Fast: “A group of [Vikings] meets a mermaid at sea, her voice draws men to their doom – except one. Now it’s up to a locked up gay viking to save the day.

Quick and dirty synopsis: This wacky comedy follows an outcast Viking warrior (Will Ferrell) whose hidden sexuality helps him become the hero his people need. With his raid group under the spell of a seductive mermaid, he steps in to save the day and leaves the mythical winged woman with an infatuation of his own.

Movie Title: Irresistible

Dream director: Adam mckay

This directorial decision goes hand in hand with our planned casting, as McKay and our lead actor have collaborated on Comedy Gold on multiple occasions. It doesn’t matter who he works with, however, the hitmaker like Half brothers and The big court is one of the best talents of the genre.

Dream casting: Gal Gadot, Will Ferrell, Kristofer Hivju, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

It would be hard to find a better mermaid than the Smoldering Gadot, better Vikings than Hivju (AKA – Tormund Giantsbane) and Björnsson (AKA – The Mountain), or a more hilarious hero than Will Ferrell.

In God, distrust

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth / Facebook

Fast: “In an attempt to convince people that society would have been better if mankind had never found a religion, a time traveler kills anyone who begins to develop some form of faith. He returns to the present and finds that people now universally worship a god who travels through time and strikes the pagans.

Movie Title: In God, distrust

Quick and dirty synopsis: After his sister commits suicide along with members of a religious sect, a young man sets out to forge a world without faith. By traveling through time and killing religious figures and their followers, he believes he can correct humanity’s “fatal flaw”. His journey, however, has an unintended and cruelly ironic consequence.

Dream director: Francois Laurent

Something about it evokes Constantine for us, and the supernatural swagger of this movie would work just fine for this prompt. Now that Lawrence doesn’t make a Hunger Games movie every six months, we might actually have a chance to land it.

Dream casting: Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Katheryn Winnick

It may be the Thor association, but we think Hemsworth would be perfect as an unconscious time-traveling deity striking the pagans. We imagine Elba as the aforementioned cult leader who demands that his followers worship him as a god, and Winnick (Vikings) as Hemsworth’s sister, whom he can only visit in the past.

This is our hero

Fast: “An elderly couple embarks on petty crime to see their superhero children who no longer call.”

Movie Title: This is our hero

Quick and dirty synopsis: Being a superhero is a full-time job, but when the vigilante known as the Golden Boy begins to neglect his parents, they become suspicious and discover his true identity. Rather than telling him that they know his secret, they embark on a series of petty crimes and have a little fun in this action comedy.

Dream director: Matthew Vaughn

Kick ass director Matthew Vaughn (do you fancy it?) is one of the few directors to have experience in “superhero comedy” X-Men: First Class proves he can handle the more subdued side of the genre as well.

Dream casting: Michael Keaton, Diane Lane, Alden Ehrenreich

It would be fun to see former Batman Michael Keaton playing the kind of little crook the caped crusader usually leaves hanging by his ankles, and Diane Lane already has “Superman’s mother” on her resume. We’re picturing a baby-faced prodigy guy for the titular superhero, and Ehrenreich seems to fit that bill well.

Imagine that

Fast: “After years of [gentle] persuading your best friend from childhood to finally agree to seek professional help with serious mental issues. Much to your dismay, as she begins to improve, you slowly begin to realize that you are her imaginary friend.

Movie Title: Imagine that

Quick and dirty synopsis: A young woman with profound psychological problems visits a therapist at the behest of her best friend, who is slowly starting to lose her grip on reality.

Dream director: Wes anderson

Whatever job Anderson is working on just couldn’t be more perfect for him than this idea. Imagine its polychrome and surreal symmetry married to this quirky / heartbreaking concept.

Dream casting: Aubrey Plaza, Tatiana Maslany, Bill Murray

Aubrey Plaza has been in a few clunkers, but she can play a lonely, tortured soul with the best of them (See: Security not assured). Maslany, on the other hand, has all kinds of ranges. Her Black orphan the performance is a summary in itself, and we would love to see her take on an imaginary friend struggling with her own mortality. As for Bill Murray, he should of course appear in all future Wes Anderson films.

Extra cheese

Fast: “A man orders ‘crustless cheese pizza’ at a local pizza delivery restaurant as a joke. Unbeknownst to him, this pizzeria is a drug front and he just placed an order for a kilo of cocaine.

Movie Title: Extra cheese

Quick and dirty synopsis: Bored, alone and home alone on a Saturday night, two brothers play a joke at their local pizzeria to order a “crustless cheese pizza”. But when the kilo of coke they unknowingly ordered is delivered to their front door, they are unable to pay, putting them in hot water with a ruthless drug queen.

Dream director: David Gordon Green / Greg Mottola

This idea seems in equal parts Pineapple Express and Super bad we are therefore calling on the directors of the two films. Of course, great directors hardly ever collaborate, but here we are in a fantasy land, so we can have our pizza without a crust and eat it too.

Dream casting: Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Elizabeth Banks

While Hill has developed a habit of competing for the Oscars in “serious” films, one cannot help but long for the return of the Super bad boys. Throw Banks in the mix as the femme fatale crime boss, and you can just take our money right away.

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