Are you a flea in a jar, ie about debt again

I wrote about it once, either on this blog or on the other, regarding company financing.

But to better show the situation of an indebted person, I will use an example again. Well, dog flea – the record holder can jump to a height of 25 cm, the average jump is 15.5 cm.

Do you know how a flea behaves in a jar?


This happens in the wild, because when it is caught in a jar, for some time it tries to get out of it, then adapts to the situation in which it finds itself, jumping only to the height of the lid.

When after some time we unscrew the lid, it turns out that the flea is still jumping to this limited height. She was taught to live in such and no other conditions, she was used to the comfort zone that prevailed in a closed jar.

Do you also act like that flea?


Well, just like this flea, most of society behaves. The comfort sphere, which is programmed by the media, banks, retail chains, etc., sets the rigid framework in which the family lives.
Such frameworks are life from Christmas to Christmas, from promotion to promotion, from credit to credit, from loan to loan. The frames that limit other views of the surrounding world are so strong that it is very difficult to free yourself from them. You have to have a lot of strong will and your own point of view.

We do not have to imitate anyone, follow the example of celebrities who, for me, are not such ideals that they are a worthy model of all virtues and conduct.
But today I want to focus on many millions of indebted people who are unable to leave their comfort zone, which is living in debt.

Once taking the first loan, the first loan, they became slaves to the creditor – a bank, a loan company. And this zone has such a strong impact that it begins to drill not only the pocket but also the human mind. Like a disease that, if left untreated, overwhelms the whole body. From this moment on, a person in debt starts behaving like a flea in a jar.

Overwhelmed by debt mania

Overwhelmed by debt mania

A person stops thinking logically, wanders the city streets obviously not because of the desire to visit or health. He traverses them only to look at banks or credit bureaus. to find out if they have any new offers.
Yesterday morning I met a lady, a client whom I once helped to get out of debt.

She was practically on a straight line and fell into a credit spiral again. She told me that she had loans at every loan company and that she would probably never leave them for the rest of her life. He takes one loan, pays it off with another. And such a carousel has been going on for several years. Instead of savings – debts. Instead of a peaceful life – stress.