Author draws inspiration from Prestatyn for new book

A freelance writer from Prestatyn has taken inspiration from the town for his new science fiction book.

When Huw Langridge was looking for inspiration for his latest novel, he refused to let the Covid-19 lockdown get in his way.

With movement restrictions and access only to the local area, Huw decided to use his home town of Prestatyn as the backdrop for his latest tale.

“During lockdown I was walking frequently through Bishopswood on the hill behind the town as part of my daily exercise and that’s when the idea for the story first came to me. times – I really wanted to tell a story up there,” Huw said.

“Time travel stories are my favorite genre of fiction, and I love the exhilaration they can provide when the events of the narrative turn inward.

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“I really wanted to try and write a well-traced time travel story about the town I live in, and The Sapling Method is the kind of book I would love to read myself. I was told it was pretty scary, which is nice to hear.

The tree method follows a young man named James, who lives in a house overlooking a coastal town in North Wales.

He soon develops technology that allows him to contact his future self, but at what cost.

Huw continued, “His house is isolated and it allows him to develop technology in secret that allows him to contact his future self, to take the opportunity to ask questions about the man he will become.

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“Of course, information is only ever meant to travel through time.

“When he travels backwards, he becomes the wrong kind of knowledge, and that makes him dangerous.

“Although James takes precautions, paradoxes will eventually arise, and there are dark forces at work who will try to make things right, by any means necessary.”

The tree method is now available as an eBook or paperback on Amazon, where it boasts a 4.4 rating based on six reviews, with one saying they “really liked the idea of mix folklore and science fiction”.

Huw Langridge with his new book, The Sapling Method.The tree method.

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