Author Robin Stevens shares his writing tips with Norwich students

A group of students from Norwich learned some tips about the book trade during a visit from a best-selling author.

Best-selling author Robin Stevens speaks to students at Jane Austen College, Norwich. Image: Inspiration Confidence
– Credit: Inspiration Trust

Robin Stevens, author of the young adult crime drama Murder Most Unladylike, shared some of his best tips for an exciting storyline with students at Jane Austen College and Hewett Academy.

Ms Stevens spoke to seventh-year students about the setting for her latest novel, Death In The Spotlight, and how it was inspired by a mysterious discovery during a behind-the-scenes tour of the Palace Theater in London.

The book is the seventh in the hit series, which stars schoolgirl sleuths Daisy and Hazel.

California writer Ms Stevens advised students to seek creative inspiration in their own lives and encouraged aspiring writers to pursue their hobbies. “Just practice, practice, practice and your writing will get better and better,” she said.

Books by bestselling author Robin Stevens, during his visit to Jane Austen College, Norwich to

Books by best-selling author Robin Stevens, on his visit to Jane Austen College, Norwich to speak to students. Image: Inspiration Confidence
– Credit: Inspiration Trust

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Thanking Ms Stevens for her visit, librarian Robert Welton said: “The students of Jane Austen and Hewett really enjoyed her lecture and we can’t wait to see how it inspires their creative writing.”

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