College Entrance Essay Writing Tips and Examples

However, in fact, this is not true at all.

Writing a perfect essay can greatly improve your grades and help you become the best in your class. And in some cases, it can also help you get into your dream college or school.

So, keep reading this article till the end to know more about this background.

Top 5 Essay Writing Tips (With Examples)

In this section, we are going to talk about five exclusive tips that are used by almost everyone. writing service the low. Hope this helps you in your goal as well.

Tip – 1: Write a bombastic introduction.

The opening paragraph, or introduction of your article, is the attention-grabbing section of your essay. So, you have to perfect it somehow to make sure the reader is absorbed in your article. And, the good thing is that you can do it in two different ways.

  1. Start your article with a relevant but surprising fact – something your reader may not know. This way, they will definitely be interested in what is yet to come.

Example: “According to a recent study, a dog owner is 24% more likely to live longer than someone without a canine companion. This proves even more that dogs are very beneficial for the physical and psychological health of an individual.

  1. Ask a critical question at the beginning of your essay. This way, people will want to know the answer. Or, they might also feel interested in having their say.

Example: “Global climate change is something that affects almost everyone. From rising temperatures to rising sea levels, the world is changing gradually but constantly for everyone. So how do you think our future will look in the future? »

Tip – 2: Focus on answering a question.

Your article must be able to answer a question – and it must do so convincingly enough. But here’s the thing. The question we are talking about could already be stated in the title of the same. So how are you going to make the article more interesting while asking the query?

Well, the best way to do that is to keep the reader wondering about the answer.

And that’s something you can do by raising a question once in a while after writing a statement or two. Let’s take a look at the example mentioned below to understand the same.

“Your brain might work more actively while you sleep. Do you know what happens as a result? Well, that’s exactly when you start dreaming about something.

Or, if you want, you can also write a vague sentence to make sure the reader will want to know more later. For instance –

“I sat without knowing anything at the back of the auditorium. But I had no idea that what was going to happen in the next second would make me lose my mind.

The second example is more something you might find in a novel. However, if you are able to perfectly instill the same in your essay, it will look quite appealing.

Tip – 3: Write from a personal point of view.

When it comes to writing a technical essay, you may not be able to essentially use a personal point of view as a whole. However, we will always ask you to do your best in this regard.

Like, look at this sentence –

“The article looked like something you might find on a page of a thriller. It followed a decent writing style, which was easy enough for a reader to understand.

Now if we rewrite it like this –

“While reading, I felt like the article was like something out of a thriller. As a reader, I found the writing style to be decent enough to get it all figured out quickly .

Both of these examples sound excellent on paper. But which do you think would grab the reader’s attention the most? The one with the human touch (the second).

Tip – 4: Try to open a little.

Sometimes you have to write an essay about some kind of experience in your life. So when you’re working on something like that, it’s best to open up a bit. For example, we will ask you to say how you felt when the incident happened or how it changed you as an individual.

“I saw Virat Kohli score a great century against Afghanistan last night. It happened almost after two years the player went through offside form.

I loved his diligence and determination to leave his mark on the ongoing Asian Cup. Although India couldn’t win the trophy, seeing Virat’s triumphant batsman made me very excited.

If you read this section properly, you will find that the author is impressed with a player’s hard-earned century and determination. It’s the little personal touch that brings it to life.

Tip – 5: Do not summarize anything.

When writing an essay, you might be tempted to summarize a section you don’t really want to talk about. And, it’s pretty natural too. But, when you summarize a specific section, it starts to look a little less interesting.

On top of that, we’ll also ask you not to overuse phrases like “I might have” or “it seemed like” in your essay. It’s boring, unconvincing and unnecessary. The more you use them, the less the writing will give the impression that you are sharing an experience.

Better to avoid them as much as possible.

Wrap it up!

Writing an essay can be quite difficult for a new writer. So, if you are having trouble with this, we would ask you to take the help of an essay writing service provider. I hope they will be able to provide you with the best possible work and help you get the best grade on the exam.

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