Country rock band Reckless Kelly take inspiration from America for their latest albums

Country rock band Reckless Kelly will perform Friday, April 22 at Launchpad. (Courtesy of Jay Nazz)

Cody Braun takes every day to be grateful.

It’s a practice that has existed, but after not playing in front of an audience for two years, it’s a practice that makes more sense.

“It’s great to be back on stage and on the road,” Braun said in a recent interview. “It’s been an incredible journey.”

Braun is a member of the country rock band Reckless Kelly. The group was formed in 1996 and continues to evolve within its music. They’re dusting off the cobwebs and heading out on tour, which will stop in Albuquerque on Friday, April 22.

In 2020, the group released two companion albums – “American Jackpot” and “American Girls”.

Braun says his brother, Willy, wrote all the tunes.

“He started with the idea of ​​the ‘American Jackpot,'” Braun says. “Then I took different American themes. Like being lucky enough to live in America and things we take for granted.

Reckless Kelly took her time recording both albums. Prior to the latest releases, the band hadn’t released an album since 2016’s “Sunset Motel.”

“There wasn’t a lot of new music coming out,” Braun says. “We just went ahead and moved forward with the two albums.”

For more than 25 years, Braun says his brother has taken the helm when it comes to writing.

“Willy also co-wrote with other people like Jeff Crosby,” he says. “Willy has a place in Idaho, where he hides and writes all the songs. That’s where the records come together. We’re also very lucky to have more songs than we need. There always has a decision to make when it comes to what makes the album.

With a growing catalog of music, Braun and his team always have tough decisions to make when it comes to each show’s set list.

Luckily, Braun says, the band changes sets every night.

“There are people who come to see us a few times during the tour,” he says. “We want to make sure it’s something different every night we go on stage. It also gives us the chance to play some of the older songs.

Braun says the flexibility of the set list also leaves room for some covers.

“We did ‘Get Out of Denver’, by Bob Seger,” he says. “We do it in rhythm and it’s fun to release stuff like that. We also do Tom Petty stuff. We did a few tribute gigs to him before his death. It’s fun to pay homage to some of the songs that influenced us.

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