Debt spiral and what’s next?

I return to the topic of the spiral of debt, because this topic is constantly scrolling on various internet forums. I am in debt, I am looking for the last resort – such entries are not uncommon.

First, we get into debt, we lose our job, for a while we try to patch up the hole in the household budget, aggravating its deficit.

Nervous movements cause stress, ending in illness


Therefore, getting out of the spiral of debt is a special therapy that, if well-structured, can lead to a way out of the crisis. It is very important to change the attitude. One of life’s truths says “thoughts become things.” When we think about bills and debt, we attract it to ourselves.

So you should develop a repayment plan and start thinking about earning. Summer is a time where you can, of course, want to earn a good sum. For example, I am talking about fruit picking – blueberry, cherries, apples. You just have to want. Do not sit in front of the TV for days, just act. Tell yourself, “I’m important,” or ” I’m important .” We can leave the spiral of debt only by taking action:

  • we are looking for a better job,
  • we are looking for seasonal work
  • we can borrow from parents, siblings, friends, etc.,
  • we can marry richly
  • and finally we can change the way of thinking and try to solve problems by ourselves.

I think that for your own well-being

I think that for your own well-being

The most important thing is always action – not closing in such a life emptiness, hopelessness, just seeking solutions. Seek and you will find, knock and they will open for you. These main truths taken from the Bible show the essence of our lives. Act, get up earlier, enjoy every day, do not complain about the world, crisis, health.

Do not reply to a friend on the phone “old bida” when asked what’s up. But answer him: “I expect the best,” or something
“I expect a miracle”. After all, every day lived is a miracle. So change, be a master of life , live differently, more happily, knowing that a better life awaits you.