Did Arsenal realize too late the importance of Lacazette? (Opinion)

Alexandre Lacazette is thriving as an Arsenal captain, but his current contract could prove problematic. Article invited by Sarah Rohan

the Aubameyang fall turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Lacazette. The once regular substitute this quarter now starts in the team’s first setup. He thrives playing with this youth team and has now taken over as captain. Permanent or temporary; Only time will tell. It’s all in the question, will he be there next season?

In my opinion, he was treated unfairly in North London. Neither under Wenger nor Emery would Laca play consistently from start to finish, and it’s hard to see why.

Until recently, it seemed like the same was happening again. Arteta was somehow forced to play Lacazette in the regular starting XI and give him more responsibility due to the Gabonese exile from the squad, but it showed just how important a role Alexandre can play, and what he’s always been capable of but never. given the appropriate chance.

Since joining us in 2017 he has made 137 appearances, scored 53 goals and assisted 21. Now, for someone who hasn’t been the team’s main striker, I think those stats are fairly reasonable. Also seeing how he plays, it doesn’t show that he’s not good enough to continue playing for us, it shows that he’s a different type of player and now has a role that shows his strengths.

Not a full-fledged striker, but a constant threat to the opposition with his heist game, constant pressing and the creation of spaces and opportunities to score goals for his team.

I think that makes up for the lack of ability to score goals. He is full of running, dribbling and has the defensive ability, retrieving the ball and tackling. He is an important part of our team and is essential in keeping us with the Top Four Aspirations. The rest of the team respect him, he has become a leader of this team in the locker room and constantly communicates on the pitch.

When Aubameyang joined Arsenal Laca probably had his best season but after that it looked like Alex had been demoted to a substitute player. Also over the seasons he played out of position.

I’ve always wanted the two to play together. They had a great partnership when they played on the same team and they both read each other’s game. Unfortunately, this is not the case as Arsenal’s playstyle does not allow for this setup. The French striker has therefore regularly lost.

I think now, with the two contracts pending, even though I still have a great love for Pierre, he should still be a player who has an impact on the team. He’s just too unreliable lately, and obviously his recent antics have left us with a bitter taste in our mouths which is more likely to see him come out.

I think I would prefer Laca to stay anyway because he will be 31 this year, he will have a few years on Auba, and he still has a few more years to give the best of himself.

Some people ignore him because of his age, but look at Aguero at 33. Until he was forced to retire due to heart problems, no one questioned his age. So why question Lacazette? I haven’t seen age catch up with him yet. Anyone who runs as much as he would be exhausted as well. Even a child!

With all the players likely to leave this month and this summer, including Nketiah, Balogan, possibly Auba and Laca. Should we really risk bringing in a single attacker who must integrate into the team? It might take months for them to settle in and then we don’t have any backup players anymore because we got rid of them all.

We don’t even know yet who will bring us into this transfer window. Some players will not want to join a team that is not guaranteed European football, which as the table shows will be a close call as to who will.

Hopefully we will come up with a striker who can get used to playing for the squad, and then we can decide who should leave us in May / June. Even Arteta has said there will be no decision until the summer.

We’d only be shooting ourselves in the foot by getting rid of our more experienced forwards when we don’t know how the new players will fit into the squad. Especially with the possibility of injury too.

So I think if we could get two seasons from the French striker it would be more beneficial for us. Personally, I think we did too little too late to convince him to stay. Without a contract, he will likely find a new challenge with a new team, who will appreciate him more than we have so far. Hope this is not to our detriment!

Until next time Gooners.


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