Dierks Bentley stresses the importance of being present with new single “Gold”

“Gold” sets the tone for Bentley’s upcoming 10th studio album.

Dierks Bentley recently released the first single from their upcoming 10e workshop scrapbook. In the process of writing his new song, “Gold”, he rekindled his passion for music and found gratitude for the present time.

Spending most of 2020 in Colorado, Bentley gave his body the rest it needed from the busy entertainer lifestyle. Instead of being on the road or always in a songwriting session, he used this time to enjoy the great outdoors, hiking, biking, fishing and of course, soaking up the weather. family. This meant that his guitar also had a moment of silence as it sat in the closet almost every day except for the occasional jam session at home.

Returning to his Nashville reality sparked inspiration for the country star when he sat down to write “Gold” with fellow songwriters Luke Dick, Ross Copperman, Trent Dabbs and Ashley Gorley. It has an “acoustic vibe,” according to Bentley, but its overall sound and message is big enough to fill all the big venues it frequents on the road.

“I really came back delighted to be back in Nashville and delighted to have more gratitude than ever for the city and for all that it has given me, all the resources there, all the fun that there is. in Nashville and on the road and in country music,” Bentley said. country now and other media.

Instead of coming up with a hook and forming a song around that specific line, the team took a different approach to writing “Gold.”

“We just arrived, Luke Dick had a little idea for a melody and we started from nothing. We had the hook while we were there together, which is the best way to write a song. So it’s really cool to see you go from that to this moment right now.

Taking nothing for granted, Bentley has used its natural gift to shine a light on the present. He resurrected his revealing sound while amplifying his talent and reaching new sonic heights.

“I think the song is a lot about being present when you are and acknowledging that the grass isn’t always greener, even though the mountains are higher in Colorado,” he added. . “It’s a message as much to me as it is to anyone else about simple gratitude.”

Dierks Bentley;  Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Dierks Bentley; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

With this song, fans can anticipate a bit what the rest of the album might sound like. The “Beers On Me” singer originally planned to make the process of creating an album easier by mostly cutting outside songs, but it didn’t turn out that easy. He ended up writing his own music, coming in to cut a few songs, adding new members to his team, and repeating the process until he came across a product he was happy with.

Three years and many studio visits later, Bentley has found that easy can sometimes be even more laborious.

“Since I’ve been back in Nashville, and really this year, I’ve been really focused on trying to finish this thing and finish it the right way. This is the 10th album,” he pointed out. “I went to the studio three times, worked with many different producers, and eventually ended up building my own team, starting with myself in the middle.”

Dierks Bentley;  Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Dierks Bentley; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Bentley shared that Grammy-winning engineer and producer Luke Wooten, who worked on many of his early records, always said, “the whole point was to mix bluegrass with kick ass.” With that advice in mind, the upcoming album will feature a mix of bluegrass, classic country and, of course, “big bass drums, big guitars and big sounds.”

“I really thought, for my 10th album, what sounds have I had that I want to make sure I lock in a bit as part of my overall sound, looking to the future?”

He added, “I think about everything that made me who I am on this record.”

With the release of “Gold”, a fun and carefree video captures a bit of life on the road with Bentley and his bandmates. Choosing to ride with the band is an abnormal situation for most great artists, but Bentley wouldn’t have it any other way. Since the bus nicknamed “Goldie” has been ferrying Bentley and his crew from show to show for 20 years now, it had to be the set for the video.

The images from the recently released video were not the first images captured. They first filmed on a different bus while theirs was being repaired, but once Goldie was up and running again, the world felt right again. Throughout the video, each member of the group was able to show off their bright personality, following their usual antics.

“We had a hire bus and it was so weird being there. We shot all this stuff on this bus and I was so depressed. It was a short time to turn things around, so I thought to myself, this is how it’s going to be. But I was like, this is so wrong. We were able to get Goldie back on the road the next day and did it all again. ‘Cause I was like, it just has to be on that bus. The song ‘Gold’ must have a bit like Goldie bus in it.

Dierks Bentley is currently on the road for his Beers On Me tour, which he described as a “collaborative evening” with special guests Ashley McBryde and Travis Denning. But in just over a month, Bentley will be gathering “good energy” and “good vibes” for its music festival, Seven Peaks.

This year the festival will run from September 2-4 and will take place in the new venue, Villa Grove, CO with performances from Bentley, Morgan Wallen, Tracy Lawrence, Ashely McBryde, HARDY and more.

Bentley shared that he’s already been incredibly involved in the behind-the-scenes planning, and once the festival opens, he expects to be just one of the fans, enjoying the weekend.

“I tell people, you’ll get used to seeing me often. I’m just a lot. Let’s not make a big deal out of it. »

Tickets for Seven Peaks are on sale now.

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