Dissertation writing tips and guidelines to get you started

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There is nothing more significant in your academic background than your dissertation. It is writing that requires serious research and a very precise structure.
As such, this can be an incredibly difficult task to accomplish, especially if this is your first time writing an academic paper.

So, in this article, we will give you some tips and guidelines to help you start your thesis in the most efficient way possible.
Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point.

Choose your topic as carefully as possible

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When it comes to writing a thesis, it all starts and ends with your topic. It should be relevant to your studies and career aspirations, important to the wider academic community, and researched enough to be supported by relevant research.
On top of all that, your topic should be something that resonates with your academic and professional interests. The more invested you are in the subject you are writing about, the easier everything will be in the end.

Of course, you can always read academic journals and research articles for inspiration if you’re unsure of your topic. Your professors may also give you recommendations, so keep looking until you find something you’ll like to write about.

Read, read and read!

As already mentioned, dissertations should have a specific structure – something that is probably defined by your university. However, you can always search for examples online – the more you read, the easier you will be able to grasp the specific style and structure used in academic writing.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re stating a peer-reviewed fact or expressing your thoughts on the subject, your arguments should be backed up by relevant sources. To put it bluntly, you cannot make unsubstantiated statements in your thesis. We’ll talk about the importance of credible sources a bit later in the article, but for now, we just want to advise you to read tons of academic papers to better understand how this is all supposed to be written.

Organize your time well

Planning and self-discipline are of utmost importance when writing something as big as a thesis. It’s not something you can do “at the last minute”. As we have already mentioned before, it takes tons of time, energy and research to be done effectively.

Be sure to check your deadlines and start planning your work as soon as possible. Good organization is essential. Without it, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost when writing your thesis.

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Ask your educational institution for help if you are unsure of specific requirements (including deadlines for your dissertation). This information will allow you to make a perfect plan to get everything done in a timely manner.

Don’t think too much about the first version

A thesis is not just another college assignment that you can write in one sitting. You don’t have to make it perfect the first time. Write as much as you can and revise your sentences and arguments later.

Otherwise, you’ll probably be stuck in a certain section for much longer than you should. Instead, just go through your first draft and perfect it later. You might even have a few drafts at the end of the whole process, so don’t overthink it at the very beginning.

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Now, when we say all of this, we’re assuming that you started writing your thesis on time. If you feel like you can’t get everything done before the deadline approaches, you can hire affordable dissertation writing services like top20writingservices.com to help you with certain parts of your process.

Of course, we don’t mean that you should let someone else write your thesis, because that would be incredibly unethical. But asking for help with editing and proofreading can be very helpful, especially if you’re short on time.

Find reliable sources to support your arguments

Your sources and citations should be the backbone of your entire thesis. Every argument you make must be supported by a credible source in your area of ​​expertise.

Have you ever seen an academic paper that doesn’t have tons of literary references at the end? It’s like that for a very good reason. As you know, plagiarism is the worst type of offense that can be done to academics. If the thoughts posted in your memoir are not entirely original, you must credit the author. Otherwise your job would be classified as plagiarism.

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Also, make sure the sources you use are credible and peer-reviewed. You may not cite blog or Wikipedia articles in your dissertation – your sources should only come from authors with a relevant academic background.

Take frequent breaks

Yes, writing something of such magnitude is incredibly overwhelming and anxiety-provoking, especially if it’s your first time doing it. That doesn’t mean you can’t relax once in a while.

Take lots of breaks and don’t force yourself too much. You won’t be able to concentrate if you aren’t well rested, so take good care of yourself.

Again, consistency is what matters most. Writing at short intervals and doing it frequently is much more effective than writing all day without a break.

Seek advice whenever you feel the need

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There’s no shame in asking for advice when you feel stuck with your writing. Be it professional writerseditors, colleagues or your university professors, take all the help you can get.

As we have mentioned many times throughout this article, writing a thesis is not an easy task. Finding relevant literature, checking for grammatical errors and editing your work is not as easy as it seems. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you feel the need.

The bottom line

Writing your thesis is a daunting task that requires a lot of effort, time and research. Still, as long as you choose your topic carefully, remember to cite your sources, and create an effective writing schedule, we’re sure you’ll be successful.

Either way, don’t forget to celebrate your success when you’re done! After all that hard work, you definitely deserve it!

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