Drawing crypto comparisons from a 60s French film and taking inspiration from Brentford

Friday, January 21, 2022 4:35 p.m.

Sometimes things are better the second time around; unlike Ronaldo joining Manchester United… and how my team Brentford didn’t beat his team this week still baffles me. Come on, you bees!

Earlier this week I also introduced my son to the total joy of the 2008 sworn film In Brugge. It was pretty good the first time, but the next twelve years, uh, I mean fourteen, aged it well. Absolute genius writing and so much to admire.

My son is almost 19 by the way, not seven, so he can appreciate the huge issues it raises and the handling of violence and language. And it did, in what was a very cinematic week for this writer.

I watched Truffaut’s first genius French film in the 1960s The 400 blows at lunchtime in Brighton this week. And before you chuckle, this is NOT a porn movie, as my son and friend scoffed when I told them about it in the car on the way to Brentford FC on Wednesday.

A beautiful film about a good but naughty Parisian kid who keeps getting into trouble and is eventually sent to Borstal by his underperforming and unhappy parents. The type of human who is too big for his world and this world is trying to hold him down by trying to destroy him. The ending is heartbreaking in its beauty and possibilities.

Ringing bells for crypto entrepreneurs out there? You try to be good, but the rest of an ignorant world tries to put you down and demonize you before destroying you? It’s so, so boring or too much boredom as François Truffaut would say, in black and white of course.

And so on (again). Cryptocurrency prices have fallen sharply at the time of writing and naysayers are rubbing their chapped hands with glee (again). But it’s capitalism (again) and the fall of all asset classes at the same time (again).

Sometimes I wonder if Fridays shouldn’t be closed for business every week, so that there are no more Black Fridays and the ultimate disappointment after working hard all week and wanting good news for the weekend.

Now everyone is watching their wallets shrink and scrambling to buy land now that inflation is back with us. Beware, however, of the inevitable fall in the real estate market. It won’t be long, the peak is already behind us.

There is a book written by Lionel Shriver (who is a woman and wrote We need to talk about Kevin). An incredibly versatile writer, she has also written Meet the Mandibles – A Family, 2029-2047 which tells the story of a Manhattan household losing their right to poverty as the western economy gradually collapses – and not just on Fridays.

As the pandemic unfolded, a hard-drinking friend of mine finally opted for sobriety and, as his 20-year fog lifted, texted me and asked how was it he was finally sober, but felt like he was in a chapter of Mandibles? I had no answer, I agreed with him.

I didn’t have to get sober to realize that I live through the pages of this book and Shriver was amazing at predicting it all, years before the pandemic showed how easily anything can go from normal to madness.

Nobody knows what’s going on. Not Ronaldo. Not Truffaut. Not Colin Farrell or Brendan Gleeson. Not Shriver (probably). Not the stock markets. Not crypto fluctuations. Certainly not the politicians. No money. Not Wall Street.

The best thing to do is to grab art from the back, to shake it, to love it, to look at it, to buy it, to smell it, to look at it, to listen to it because, apart from love is all that matters. Money is for losers, beauty is for winners.

Ignore your portfolio, go to the movies at lunchtime, dance to music you’ve never heard of, and go somewhere you’ve never been at a time when you’re supposed to be somewhere else. Go watch Brentford FC at home.

It’s so much less boring than money, so much more uplifting than wallets, and to be honest, you might as well enjoy it as soon and as often as possible.

There’s the biggest storm coming, it’s time to cash in and become a naughty boy or girl, who may end up in Borstal or in jail, but it will be way more fun than that first metaverse stupidity.

I guess I say sell, sell, sell, but don’t tell anyone, I’ll be at the pub enjoying Wet January in about an hour… and it wouldn’t be the first time. It’s really better in the second, third and fourth lap etc.


Monty Munford is a technology journalist and advisor to Chickey Chik NFT projects and DeFi gaming and privacy organization Sienna Network.

He is a keynote speaker/host/moderator/interviewer at prestigious events around the world and has spoken at over 200 global events interviewing the likes of the late John McAfee, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Steve Wozniak ( twice in Beirut and Vienna), Kim Kardashian (once in Armenia), Amitabh Bachchan, Ghostface Killah, ZZ Top, Guns N’ Roses and many more.

He was previously a weekly technology columnist for Forbes in New York, the Telegraph in the UK and continues to write regularly for the BBC, The Economist, the FT and… AM from the city.

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