Dubai Culture invites kids to a week of knowledge, fun and inspiration at its 2021 Winter Camp

  • Various workshops focused on inspiration, related to the theme of the camp “Inspiration towards creativity”.
  • Rich activities inspired by the celebrations of the country of the 1950se National Holiday.
  • Improving children’s culture, creative talents and life skills in a rich and interactive atmosphere.
  • A program full of science, arts, literature, crafts, competitions and much more.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) returns with a new take on its week-long winter camp from December 19 to 23, coinciding with the schools winter break and inviting children and adolescents aged 5 to 16 to participate in a program full of interactive, targeted and diverse activities. Taking place in all branches of the Dubai Public Library (Al Twar, Al Rashidiya, Al Mankhool, Al Safa Art and Design, Umm Suqeim, Hor Al Anz and Hatta), the camp will take place in an entertaining and cultural atmosphere that aims to improve the lives of children. knowledge, improve their creative skills and enhance their inspirational values ​​through a variety of specialized and innovative workshops.

This will contribute to the realization of the theme of the camp “Inspiration towards creativity”, in collaboration with the third phase of the 50e The National Day celebrations will take place in various parts of the country and will continue through December 30 under the theme “Inspiration”, with the aim of inspiring different segments of society to plan for a prosperous future.

The workshop “The UAE between the past and the present” will transport children through time on an exciting journey to discover the way of life of our ancestors before the union and the most important events which constituted a qualitative leap for the bucket. The “Emirati Attracts” workshop will encourage children to wear and present Emirati national clothes, while the “The Colors of the United Arab Emirates Flag” workshop will offer a variety of activities related to the national day celebrations, such as drawing on canvas and coloring them with the colors of the flag of the United Arab Emirates. Finally, the “Flag of the United Arab Emirates: Book Breaks” workshop will inspire them to love reading, researching information and creating special book dividers using their creativity.

Also celebrating 50 years of the United Arab Emiratese birthday and improving children’s craft skills are a sewing workshop – during which children will learn to embroider on fabric using threads in the colors of the flag of the United Arab Emirates – and a special origami workshop at the during which they will produce models of the heritage environment of the United Arab Emirates. An inspiring panel discussion titled “Landmarks of the United Arab Emirates” will also be organized for children to discuss the achievements of the United Arab Emirates over the past 50 years.

Through the camp program brimming with science, arts, literature, crafts and competitions, and in keeping with the camp theme “Inspiration towards Creativity”, libraries will provide a fertile artistic, educational and recreational environment to inspire. children, especially during the “Inventions and Sciences” Workshop, which will highlight the most important scientific inventions; the “Mysteries and Intelligence” workshop, which will take them on a journey to discover the world’s most difficult questions; a virtual workshop titled “Building our own fortress – let’s write about what we know best”, introducing them to the impact of writing and its ability to change the world or create a whole different world; and the workshop “I am proud of my Arabic language” which will instill in them a love for the Arabic language.

Children will also enjoy other creative workshops, where they will learn how to wrap gifts, make dolls from spoons and the art of caricature. In addition, they will navigate the world of painting in its various forms through light drawing workshops using projectors, a fun “freehand drawing” to draw Expo 2020 mascots and a “workshop”. The little artist ”accompanied by a reading session. Libraries will also host other inspiring workshops, such as the “Kahoot” workshop in which children will develop their knowledge through cultural competitions, and a special workshop where a film about libraries will be screened followed by an interactive discussion. .

The program also aims to develop many values ​​and ethics in children through a series of interactive workshops, such as the “Healthy Day” workshop, which aims to educate children about healthy eating and the importance of practicing a healthy diet. variety of sports; the “How to Make Friends” virtual workshop which will equip children with the most important skills for making friends; and a specialized workshop for parents entitled “Education With Love”, dealing with contemporary education and the importance of sensitizing parents to the education of children; and many other creative and inspiring workshops.

Eiman Al Hammadi, Acting Head of Dubai Culture Libraries Affairs Section, affirmed the Authority’s concern to play its social and cultural role towards future generations through the continuity of cultural and artistic activities and events that enrich their school vacations in order to invest their time in fun and beneficial activities based on improving their mental and creative abilities, adding: “We look forward to attracting distinguished scientific, literary and artistic talents to assist them in their development. continuous and contribute to the improvement of their skills through a variety of activities that contribute to the advancement of the literary, scientific, technical, environmental, heritage and artistic culture of children, and of life skills, by putting the focus on technological development, shaping the future, creativity and innovation, all in an environment Ideal training that suits their age groups and helps build the spirit of creativity and inspiration within them, in line with the camp theme, “Inspiration Towards Creativity”.

The organization of the winter camp is part of Dubai Culture’s efforts to improve the emirate’s cultural scene by qualifying generations of researchers, academics, authors and talents, and creating new new realistic education methods that provide an interactive learning environment that will contribute to the development of generations through knowledge and giving them the skills necessary for life.

For more details and to register, please visit the libraries Instagram account @dubaipubliclibraries.


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