Excessive openness and advice on writing expert personal statements

Writing a personal statement is often one of the tasks that students must complete when applying to college. A personal statement is essential when applying to college because this is your chance to grab your reader’s attention. Many, if not all, universities require students to submit a written personal statement to learn more about themselves, their experience, and why they want to apply for this scholarship or college.

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A personal statement is your opportunity to shine and grab the attention of the admitting tutor. Because there is fierce competition on some scholarships or education programs, students are feeling a lot of pressure. They know it’s the opportunity to impress, but how do you do it?

Many of them think of creating a killer opening because you have to hook the reader the first time around. But that might not be the best approach to this problem. Here we have some expert writing tips that will make you write, not commission your personal statement. So how do you start it?

State your reasons: One of the best things you could start your personal statement with is the reasons why you want to study there. Or for having benefited from this scholarship. A lot of students think they have to start with something very impressive and flashy, but they end up thinking about it a lot. And in the end, the result is not satisfactory. If you force yourself to come up with something amazing, you’ll probably end up disappointed.

Admission tutors have seen a lot of personal statement writing and wanting to impress them is natural. However, you have to be careful not to create an inappropriate opening. Keep in mind that you are applying for a scholarship program or college. So, one of the things you can start your opening with is to state your reasons for wanting to study there. These are some of the more genuine things about your intention, and creating a personal statement opening that sends your enthusiasm to readers is something editorial experts advise.

Overkill Opening and expert advice for writing your personal statement

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Start naturally: There are many ways to create your personal opening statement. Personal statement writing experts recommend a few tips and tricks that you can adapt depending on the college or program you’re applying for. Choose the method and apply the tips that work best for you. Starting naturally is one of the tips that many experts recommend. The point is, students used to think of an opening that kills, something awesome and amazing. You can even get help from a personal statement writing service. But admissions tutors want to see your enthusiasm and learn more about you and why you chose this program.

Overkill Opening and expert advice for writing your personal statement

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You may be wasting precious time if you stick around and think about how to get started. It would be best to just start writing down the ideas that come to your mind on paper. When you reread it, creative ideas may spring up and you can change the opening afterwards.

Be specific: Personal statement essays usually have a word or page limit so admissions tutors can assess your skills to keep them short and simple. Being concise and to the point is one of the tips that will help you create your openness. You need to put a word or phrase limit on the opening so that you have enough space in the body to share things about yourself and your experience. You need to use the allocated space wisely, so being specific and concise in your opening will help you create something full of impact.

Do not use common opening sentences: Lacking inspiration and creativity, you may find yourself starting your opening with one of the most used opening phrases. The first few sentences of your personal statement should send your enthusiasm about the program. This could represent the answer to the question “Why did you choose this scholarship or educational program?” And knowing that might make you start your personal statement essay with some of the most used phrases, some that send the idea that you lack creativity or inspiration. It is therefore important to avoid using common opening phrases such as “I am applying to this program because …” or “I have always shown an interest in the field of …”. Find something more creative and that represents your personality.

Writing a compelling and powerful personal statement can be a real challenge. But if you avoid using common phrases, are precise, concise, and express your reasons and enthusiasm for the program, you will surely end up with an impressive openness.

Vendy adams is a content writer for a local magazine. She also collaborates with editorial departments and writes essays on various topics. Vendy is a mentor for beginning writers.

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