Expert Book Writing Tips for Beginning Authors

If you’re a first-time author or haven’t written a book before, finding the time to write can be difficult. You may not have any writing experience, but there are plenty of things you can do to get started! We’ll explore some expert book writing tips for beginning authors and provide advice on what they need to do to start this process and how to get published!

Expert tips for writing books

Many people who are interested in write a book want to know how to get published. For beginner writers, there are three routes you can take: traditional editing, self-publishing, or using a hybrid editor.

Either way, the best place to start is to write the draft. Many experts recommend spending a week thinking before writing anything. Find as many ideas as you can and don’t worry about their quality, this is your first draft – it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Traditional publishers

When it comes to traditional publishing, there are three main ways to get published: agent, small press or big five publishers. An agent is someone who represents you and your work with a traditional publishing house. A small press is a publishing company that is usually owned and operated by one person.

They are often on the lookout for new and unpublished authors. The Big Five Publishers are the largest publishing houses in the world and include Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Hachette and Simon & Schuster.

If you are interested in this path, the best place to start is to find an agent. Start by searching the internet.

There are many publishers in the world. You can search, for example, for different European, American or Canadian publishers, and see which ones suit you best. To choose one, you need to research different vendors and their requirements, as there are always differences between them.

Writing a book can take months or even years. If you’re having trouble motivating yourself, we suggest keeping a journal of all the times you’re inspired to write. It’s a great place to save all the ideas that come to mind – you never know when they’ll come in handy!


If you plan to self-publish, it’s actually a good idea not to publish the book yourself. It can be difficult for new writers to get an unbiased perspective on their own work. Instead of dealing with this problem, look for publishing companies and hire a professional editor.

When it comes to self-publishing, there are three main ways to go about it: print-on-demand, e-books, and hybrid publishing.

Print on demand

If you choose to print your book on demand, it won’t be printed until someone orders it. This is a great option if you’re not sure how many copies you’ll need. It is also a good option if you want to reduce printing costs.

Electronic books

Ebooks are digital copies of your book available for purchase and download. These are generally less expensive than printed books, but can be downloaded instantly. This is another good option if you’re not sure how many copies of your book you’ll need.


This is a good option if you want your book to be available in ebook and print format. You’ll need an editor to help you with this process, but if that’s what you want, this is the way to go.

Hybrid Publishing

One of the advantages of using a hybrid editor is that they often offer better royalties than traditional publishers or self-publishing options. You give some control over the publishing process, but receive more profit in return. Before choosing a publisher, make sure they leave enough time before their contract expires!

Hybrid book publishing is a cooperative effort between an author and a publisher. The author provides the content and the publisher helps get the book published and distributed. This type of publication can be beneficial for both parties involved.

For the author, this can be a way to get their work published without having to go through the process of finding a publisher. For the publisher, this can be a way to access new content that they might not otherwise have been able to publish.

make a schedule

In order to write in your free time, schedule some writing time every day. Make sure you don’t over-program yourself, you don’t want to spend so much time writing that it becomes overwhelming! Start with two hours a week, then three, then four, until you write every day.

Once you have found your schedule, it is important to be disciplined! If you don’t feel motivated, try giving yourself a deadline. This will ensure that your writing gets done!

What to write about and where to start

Starting to write a book can be an overwhelming process. So where to start ?

Think about your book. Your book doesn’t have to be life changing or deeply intellectual. You can write about something you know well, like your hobbies or your job.

Once you have ideas, it’s time to start writing!

Do not rush

Before quitting your job, research the industry and see how many people actually get published per year. If there are no hard and fast rules about which books can be self-published, this is a good place for you to start.

If you’re still unsure whether or not writing is right for you, consider reading one of the many good books on the subject. There are many guides available online if traditional editing isn’t the answer for you. Whatever path you decide to take, make sure it’s the one that leads to your happiness.

Remember that you should never rush into anything! Take the time to educate yourself about the industry, and if that sounds like something you really want to do, then go for it!

Expert tips for writing books
Expert tips for writing books

Writing a book may seem like an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be! You can decide more easily whether or not writing is right for you by taking the time to educate yourself about what it entails. If you’re not sure where to start, consider reading one of the many books on this subject. There are plenty online if traditional publishing isn’t your preference. As with any project that requires discipline and hard work, there will be times when it feels too difficult or unattractive; in these times, remember that patience pays off in the end! Never rush into anything without doing your research first – take plenty of time before making decisions so that the path you choose leads to happiness.

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