GB News: Tony Blair slammed for ‘delusional self-importance’ following call for Covid boosters | United Kingdom | New

It comes as the NHS rolled out plans to offer Omicron-based booster shots for all over-50s.

Dr Karol Sikora appeared on Dan Wootton’s show on Monday night to denounce Mr Blair’s ‘delusional smugness’ as The Guardian begged its readers to remember that Covid is not over.

The oncologist and former head of the WHO (World Health Organization) cancer control program listed his reasons why the additional vaccine was mostly useless.

He said it was a ‘waste of resources’ because ‘removing the NHS backlog should be the top priority’ and said the vaccines themselves do not ‘reduce the rate of infections”.

Dr Sikora added that in most cases it is something only the “vulnerable needs” have and in rare cases there can be “serious adverse reactions” to the jab.

He explained to Mr. Wootton: “It’s so easy to scare the public and it gets media attention.

“Tony Blair and the psychologist produced no evidence of what they were trying to do.

“That’s the key. We must have proof.

“Just going out and having another reminder for everyone is crazy, the virus has mutated, it’s still contagious but it’s a lot less damaging.

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“I would like to know the immunologists, vaccinologists and infectious disease specialists that the Tony Blair Foundation has consulted.

“It’s just madness to listen to that.”

At the time of writing, the number of new COVID-19 cases in England last week was 40,027, down 10,796 from the previous week.

The new recall campaign is scheduled to begin on September 5.

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