God Of War Ragnarok Director Reflects On The Importance Of Christopher Judge As Kratos

2018 God of the war was a watershed moment in the future direction of the franchise. What Cory Barlog and his team achieved with the launch of 2018’s multi-Game Of The Year title was nothing short of astounding, from the incredible writing, to the masterful world and narrative design, the combat redefined, the one-shot brilliant but complicated camera system, two the basic cast. Kratos, a weary Spartan soldier who defied each of the Greek gods in order to exact his revenge, and his son, Atreus, born after this time of brutality, and the child of a god and a giant. The ability to balance the strengths and weaknesses of the two characters was not only a challenge for the writing team, but also for those tasked with portraying the key roles. Christopher Judge, more than anyone, was under the most pressure, being a new face for the role of Kratos at a time when big changes were already sweeping the franchise. Of course, as we all know, he drew on many years of film and screen experience to present a flawed but fantastic Kratos that inspired us all. He’s back with God of War Ragnarokand with the game now out, game director Eric Williams spoke about Judge and his incredible importance to the new duology and Kratos character growth.

Speaking to GQ, Williams was asked about Judge’s performance in Ragnarok and how his relationship with the amazing actor has developed given Williams’ promotion to game director and the taking over many of Cory Barlog’s previous responsibilities.

He knew Kratos like the back of his hand. It’s Chris’s blessing. Even when we would spoil. There’s this thing and you probably don’t notice it, but Kratos never uses contractions. Already. He won’t say no, he will say no, because it’s very harsh. If he says “I don’t want to do that”, it’s even hard for Kratos to make him cool. Chris was catching it, like “Oh, you missed one!” He was so in character. Then there will be other moments like, “Okay, I could say this. Or I could just do the grunt. And the writers are on set! So their words are just crossed out — and they’re agree with that.

Judge’s efforts have already been celebrated, but this added level of insight further adds to the legacy of the man in the role. Whatever the next chapter of the franchise is, if there is one, and provided Judge remains interested in the role of Kratos, you must feel that the role of Kratos will once again be portrayed to the highest standards. higher. It makes so much sense that the team waited for him to recover from surgery before continuing their work.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PS4 and PS5.


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