Hack Your Next Top Story Midday Hacker With These 6 Writing Prompts

Hack your next Top Story midi hacker with these 6 writing prompts. Get comments, brainstorm headlines, and get notified when new ideas for stories, leads, and press releases arrive. Use the suggestions in this article to spark some sparkle. Add your ideas to community.hackernoon.com to get feedback and brainstorm headlines. Use these prompts to write your next big tech story idea. Get involved now for more resources including editorial prompts, tech news summaries, and tech news.com.

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Stuck on your next big tech story idea?

Step 1: Use the suggestions in this article to shine.

2nd step: Add your ideas to the Write prompts category on community.hackernoon.com to get feedback, brainstorm headlines, and get notified when new ideas for stories, leads, and press releases arrive.

1. Two Foolproof Ways to Submit a Hacker Story at Noon

If you want to write a story that will definitely be on the hackernoon.com homepage, you can try taking a look at the most important stories from the past and model a headline around:

BONUS TIP 01: Hacker Noon editors love detailed, in-depth information.


If you are looking to create a featured story and persistent content that will capture sights on Hacker Noon long after our next pandemic / revolution, you could try taking the time to take a hands-on dive into a niche topic.

For example:

In summary*

  1. To write a story on the front page of Hacker Noon, write over 800 words about personal experience in the world of technology; your (well-documented) views on what’s going on in the world; or your technical knowledge.
  2. To write a front page story of Hacker Noon who has stamina, write 1000+ words about tech career development, or (do your SEO keyword research) and write a rapid development tutorial article with broad appeal.

* This list of ways to appear at the top of the homepage of hackernoon.com is by no means comprehensive.

As with all things, there is also

Use your imagination! ??

2. Hi hacker, where are you right now?

Not to humiliate too hard or anything, but we have pirates in different area codes.

Not to mention our highly distributed team – check out our new about page to meet everyone. ??

From Africa (6 Lessons Learned Fundraising for our startup in Africa) in India (Identifying the Poor in India: A Data-Driven Analysis) and Ukrainian (Product is king: How Ukrainian engineers create home security products) – localized content wins because people are always out there.

Noon’s hackers, in particular, are allor:


In summary

Research and write about what’s going on in tech right now, from the perspective of where you are located.


Lose yourself in (and be inspired by) the words of writers who wrote good words before you.

Find a forward-looking story that intrigues you and write a reply message from your personal perspective.

Hey, while you’re at it, why not collect and analyze certain data about the types of headlines posted in your niche on Hacker Noon, then write an article about it? _ (ツ) _ / ¯

BONUS TIP 02: Make sure you’re up to date with the beacons we’re offering below the waterline on the hackernoon.com homepage this month. Try to write something that deserves to be featured in one or more of these tag categories.

4. If it bleeds, it leads

A sin bleeding edge Technology, please.

It pays to read tech news.

Listen to podcasts.

Know what’s going on.

That you want

we would be happy to publish it.

5. Finally: repost the content of your blog, brand or startup on Hacker Noon

Little known fact: you can repost content on Hacker Noon, yes, even if it was already posted elsewhere first.

Click to check out four fun facts you need to know about reposting on Hacker Noon, if that’s the route you want to go.

BONUS TIP 03: We’re revamping things at community.hackernoon.com – get involved now for more writing prompts, editor resources, tech news summaries and more!

6. “And by the way, everything in life is writable if you have the courage to do it and the imagination to improvise.” The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt.
– Sylvie Plath –

You can write about the results of a Twitter poll you took to see if people are buying tech or moving up.

You can write pseudo-mathematical proof of any skills you can improve in and fill the position with Rick Rolls, if you want.

You can even tell why Larry Wall’s “Three Virtues of a Programmer” are bullshit.

The key

is simply


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Key words

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