How Not To Fall Into The Loan Scam

The economic and political crisis of the country is affecting the pocket of the Brazilian population. It is not difficult to find news about falling consumption, rising unemployment, rising inflation and others. Given the current scenario in which Brazil is experiencing, the demand for fast loan has increased, and there are people wanting to take advantage of the moment to perform loan scams. Following are the precautions that must be taken not to fall into the scam of the loan.


How does the loan scam work?

loan scam

There are some websites and even companies that pose as institutions offer credit, but it’s all a scam. They deceive consumers and take their money.

One of the gimmicks they use for this is the request for early deposit, a practice that is illegal.

If any lending company requires you to make an early deposit for credit release, drop out as this is a scam.


Confirm that the company really exists

Knowing where you are taking money from is essential. If you have never heard of a company offering a personal loan, check with the LifeCore Bank, phone 143, or through the website, if the company is authorized to make such loans.

Also, there are some tips on how to check if a site is reliable for loans , which have been listed by Wantico. Remember, for example, that social media can be your allies in the search for the truth of the information given. Survey the opinions of customers on Facebook, Twitter, Complain Here.

Worth reading customer reviews about the company on Facebook, Claim Here and other social networks. If you have a friend who has already borrowed from this company, ask your opinion.

To pay attention and get rid of fraud and loan issues, here are some more reasons to watch out for and some tips:

  • Be wary of companies with excess facilities. For example, you do not need to send documents, it requires little data;
  • Note the interest rates charged and the Total Effective Cost (CET);
  • Do not accept to repay the loan with deposit in individual bank account;
  • Seek consumer protection agencies;
  • Keep the loan advertising material as it forms part of the contract and the information given therein must be fulfilled;
  • Check which financial institution is working with the site;
  • Make sure you can repay the installments set for your loan without affecting your family budget.


Loan Scam for Negative

Loan Scam for Negative

Negative people may be more susceptible to loan scams as they have a difficult time. In this case we need to observe the same points we listed above and pay even more attention.

Remember that malicious people may come up with offers that seem to be the solution to your problem. However you must be very careful not to fall into a scam.


Beware of your personal data!

A fraud can be discovered in some flaws made by the fraudsters themselves. For example, if you are making a loan through your checking account and apply for your credit card number. Would you share? The answer is no! Why? If the credit is from your checking account, there is no need to share anything other than your bank details. So why use your credit card numbers?


Advance deposit loan does not exist!

deposit loan

We have already spoken here, but let us highlight again: do not make advance deposit loans. This is scam! If someone offers you a loan but says you need to make a deposit first, pay an amount, run away, because it’s a trap!

Open the police report at the nearest police station in your area. Gather as much information from the fraudsters as you can. Watch out for the next opportunity not to fall back on a similar blow.


If you know well, you will know the great benefits of online personal loan.

If you know how to recognize a trusted online lending site, the benefit may be greater than everyone thinks.

  1. Interest rates are better than many banks and financials, as there is no operating cost;
  2. The process will be faster and less bureaucratic;
  3. The loan application can be made at any time;
  4. You do not have to leave home to be able to receive the money.