How to write my article in a short time – Useful writing tips

Writing academic papers can seem like a difficult task. Venturing into the deep waters of raw materials and processing them is only half the story. In addition, it must be composed in a coherent and viable way.

You may even ask for help due to the amount of information to process. You can do a write my paper request to ensure that you complete your academic duties. However, it may not be available all the time. In this article, we give you some writing tips. They will help you write your article in no time. You will get an idea of ​​how to approach the task easily.

Do the research

Each essay begins with preliminary research. When you receive an assignment to write an article, you should have a general idea of ​​the topic you want to discuss and the material you should use.

You can use Google Scholar. It is one of the largest search engines for academic documents. It allows you to filter the sources according to certain criteria. You can choose the year of publication, the type of source and its volume.

The sooner you start researching, the more time you will have to write an essay. Generally, it can be time-consuming and exhausting to research and write an essay all at once.

If you’ve decided, “I’m going to write my article tomorrow,” it would be wise to conduct some research today.

Take notes on important quotes and thoughts that you find appropriate in the essay. These notes can serve as backgrounds for your paragraphs and as supporting quotes.

Answer the essay question

Each type of essay answers a question or solves a problem. After gathering the relevant sources, you can answer the question asked. The first variant of this answer may not be elaborate. The idea is that you should capture the essence of your essay.

You can brainstorm ideas and write them down in a few sentences. Then, whittle those few sentences down to one, and then tweak it even more. This sentence will be your thesis statement, the heart of your essay.

If you ask for advice for the question on how to write my article, anyone will answer that the thesis statement is vital. This will help you focus on the paper and point you in the right direction.

After writing a thesis for your essay, you can start writing the paper itself. There are also tricks to do it faster.

Make a plan

A dissertation project may seem insufficient. You can decide: “I know how to write my article. I already have a thesis! », and you will be right. However, a plan for the trial is more useful than mere advice.

A well-crafted plan will save a lot of time when writing the actual essay. A regular essay consists of five paragraphs:

  • Introduction
  • Three body paragraphs.
  • Conclusion

This structure should also be used as the basis for your plan.

Each of the body paragraphs begins with a thematic sentence which you will disclose later. Refer to your thesis statement to make consistent thematic sentences.

The number of paragraphs depends on the number of words you need to cover. In this case, your outline may be larger and cover separate blocks of the essay, not each paragraph.

Write the introduction and conclusion

You should write your introduction and closing paragraphs first. You’ll give them an extra polish and can even rewrite some sentences. The purpose of writing these two paragraphs first is to structure your thoughts and expand your outline.

The introductory paragraph covers the main topics of your essay and leads to the thesis statement. In conclusion, you reformulate your thesis and recall all the main ideas. After compiling all of these, it’s time to finish your job.

Write the body

At this point, you have completed most of the work. Body writing shouldn’t take a lot of time. You should use your plan as a guide. Citations from research sources will support your assertions. Don’t forget the transition sentences and the correct quotes of the quotes.

After completing the body, it’s time to proofread and edit your essay. Editing has the same value as writing. Correcting errors saves the same amount of time as effective writing.

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Additional tips

Writing an essay not only involves writing techniques, but also time management. Careful planning of your time will help you spend less time on the task, keeping it efficient.

You need to plan your writing time. It depends on your lead time. Therefore, you should calculate 30% of the time for drawing, 50% for writing, and 20% for editing.

Use helpful procrastination. It won’t help if you start writing an essay when you feel tired or hungry. Take a short break, have a snack, relax for a while. Pushing yourself beyond your limits won’t help you write an article faster.

Avoid distractions. You should turn off notifications from your social networks and feeds. You won’t miss much if you skip a few messages. At the same time, the more focused you are on the task, the faster you will complete it and be able to return to your personal business.

Use additional resources. You can request third-party resources to write your essay faster. Programs such as Grammarly or Citationmachine will help you proofread your essay. They make sure your formatting is correct.

Last words

Writing an essay in a short time is possible when you know how to plan your time. Do some preliminary research and choose the most relevant quotes. Answer the essay question and write a plan for it.

Finally, compose the body and proofread your paper for errors. You need to avoid distractions. Make sure you are prepared to write an essay.

You won’t notice how you end your essay in no time by following these tips.

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