Importance of checking your essay for plagiarism

You are an honest student who does not copy someone else’s ideas and presents them as your own.

However, mistakes are natural and characteristic of all humans. Even if you try to write only original content, sometimes plagiarism is accidental. You may not even know it, but colleges and universities check all documents submitted by students for plagiarism.

And you probably know that the consequences are serious. So it would be wise to check your essay for plagiarism before sending it to your professor. Why is it so important to do this? Check the reasons below.

Make sure your content is 100% original

Submission of original essays is a requirement of every college. You can read books, study and learn more about the subject and form your own worldview about it. But it is essential to express your opinions and get the message across without plagiarizing anyone. As mentioned above, plagiarism in college is usually accidental. However, not all students check their papers for plagiarism, so they usually end up bearing the consequences. You can use an originality checker to ensure that you are delivering a 100% original essay. Wondering how much plagiarism is allowed? Or why is plagiarism bad? Well, you should know that no educational institution tolerates plagiarism because it means stealing someone else’s ideas and presenting them as your own, which is not ethical or moral at all.

No consequences

As mentioned above, there are consequences if you are caught plagiarizing. Of course, they depend on each educational institution, but also on the seriousness of your plagiarism. Some of the more serious consequences include suspension and expulsion, so you would want to avoid that. Checking your essay for plagiarism before submitting it is essential because you can be relaxed because your article is original and you risk no consequences.

More resources

It may sound strange that if you check your paper for plagiarism you can find more resources, but it is the truth. Many students are unaware of free plagiarism checkers that can assess the level of originality of their papers. Most of them could check their essays for plagiarism by copying and pasting phrases from Google. Although this can sometimes be useful, it is a time-consuming activity and does not guarantee that your text is original. If you use a plagiarism checker, you can get a link to many resources that you might not easily find online.

For example, many books and trade journals require you to pay for full content. However, if a plagiarism checker identifies that your text is the same as in a book, you will receive the exact part you plagiarized and its place in the book, as well as access to read everything. While this might not be as good a reason as the others, it’s a good way to gain deeper insight into resources you didn’t have access to. Ideally, your paper should be 100% original the first time around, but since plagiarism is sometimes accidental, it’s a good way to find more resources.


Many students believe that professors are looking for ideas and points of view that are out of the ordinary. Although the assignments you get are meant to help spark your creativity and imagination, that doesn’t mean you can have a totally distinct and innovative perspective on every topic or area.

So you can impress your teacher not only with your ideas and the way you convey the message, but also with your honesty. It is more important to deliver an original essay with simple ideas than a plagiarized one with fluffy ideas. Honesty is valued much more in any setting, especially in educational settings. You can make a very bad impression and ruin your student’s reputation if you are caught plagiarizing, so aim for honesty.

Final Thoughts

Students sometimes wonder why it is so important to check their essays for plagiarism. But there are so many reasons why you should. But first, you need to choose a plagiarism checker and not copy and paste paragraphs from Google. It is a time-consuming activity that could be avoided by using free online student tools.

Educational institutions expect to obtain original articles, where ideas are expressed and transmitted as the student wishes. This shows you’re being honest, but it can also provide you with more resources to dig deeper into the subject.

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