Inspirational wedding and love speeches from famous people


Whether it’s your new guy, your old best friend, or your tattooed barista, someone in your life deserves a little love. But articulating the abstract and indefinable feeling of love can be painful. . . you know what.

We’ve worked on a lot of fine speeches, but the most memorable professions of love? They don’t hold back anything. They are honest, enthusiastic and ruthlessly passionate. So, to help you express yourself like a pro, we’ve compiled a list of the best speeches that are sure to inspire declarations of love in anyone in your life.

For your partner who supports you from a distance and with whom you would like to have more photos on the red carpet:Ryan Gosling wins a Golden Globe in 2017 and takes the opportunity to thank his backstage support system, Eva Mendes. And while the rest of us could have been more flattered than Mendes, it must have made his knees at least a little weak. Gosling reminds us that when it comes to one happily ever after, it takes two. (Minutes 0: 55–1: 33)

For your smarter, cooler and stronger soul mate:The microphone drop heard around the world. Even though you probably won’t speak to your loved one as President of the United States, take a cue from angel number 44, which keeps him real under the most unreal of circumstances. In her final speech as POTUS, Obama applauds Michelle’s ability to assume the role of First Lady “with grace, courage and style.” And if you’re lucky enough to find yourself a Michelle, you’ll have to give a lot of speeches like this. She deserves it.

For that person who seeks light in the darkness:In a time when the world risks forgetting the importance of love, Lin-Manuel Miranda has the perfect message to remind us that, “Love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept away. ”His words at Tony’s in 2016, the idea that love and kindness can really conquer anything. (Minutes 1: 50-2: 46)

For your best and oldest friend who inspires you and looks great in a tuxedo:Before Barack and Joe, there were Matt and Ben, whose friendship inspired bromances, matching necklaces, and an off-Broadway Mindy Kaling play. From Beantown to Tinseltown, the pair show us the best way to take over the world with your best friend forever. Their 1997 Oscar speech reminds us that before Gigli and Bourne, they were just two guys from Boston with great enthusiasm for a guy named Chris Moore. (Minutes 0: 45-1: 52)


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