Joanna Gaines’ New Years Resolution is an inspiration from her mom

Joanna gaines is a popular author who has been recognized by New York Times as a bestselling author at some point in his career. She is also a social media influencer whom fans admire during the holiday season for her posts.

As usual, she shared Christmas photos of her family designing a beautiful Christmas tree. Fans gushed some lovely comments below her post, and it was a beautiful sight for her.

Recently, the bestselling author shared his New Year’s resolution, to which his fans reacted. Gaines admitted that her mother’s principle of life is quite different from hers because she takes life too seriously.

Her mother’s constant reminder was to always take every step at a time, to enjoy while traveling through life. Read on to see her New Year’s resolution and how her fans responded to it.

Gaines’ New Year’s Resolution

Two days ago, being the first day of 2022, Gaines shared his New Years resolution on Instagram. She wanted to share deep thoughts and deep meaningful phrases first, but then rethought.

Later, she focused on a simple phrase that her mother kept repeating in her head. She said the message was her mantra as she crossed the New Year.

In the post, she explained that she had always been a workaholic type person who also took life too seriously most of the time, but life always reminded her to take the time to play, to rest. and have fun.

Whenever she made a call with her mom, she always ended the call by telling her to have fun. She told her mom to write the sentence down so she could have it in her handwriting.

Gaines added that when she thought about what the New Year might have in store for her family, she felt the need to express them in great grammar and deep thoughts. But her mother’s simple phrase kept ringing in her head.

She talked about her new year would be like

Her mother’s simple words became her mantra and wish for the New Year. She said her New Year’s resolution was to worry less, to play more and to “HAVE FUN”. She ended it with the phrase “Allons-y 2022”.

Gaines got some roller skates for Christmas and has already shown off some of his moves on social media. In an Instagram post she made on December 27, she said she had a pair of skates and had an ’80s flashback.

Four days later, she posted another video of herself skating, and she captioned it, “Heading into the New Year, and I feel like it’s gonna be a good year.” The post garnered thousands of likes and the comments section was filled with affirmative responses.

Fan reactions to her Instagram post on the New Year

His mantra for the New Year has been very well received by his fans and followers online. Many people have admitted that they are going to look at the New Year from an identical perspective. Some people also appreciated the reminder.

Part of the comments included people resounding the phrase like a hashtag, calling it the mantra for 2022. Other comments were, “I can understand. Love it ”,“ Have fun, JoJo ”and“ Need a t-shirt with this ”, etc.

Other followers have said that the advice is perfect and that it is the right one for the New Year. Another fan hailed Gaines’ mother as a very wise woman and said that simplicity is the best.

A fan thanked her for sharing the post and said it’s the smallest things that matter most. If a follower had different intentions for the New Year, seeing this post might have changed the focus.

Fans suggested that she get the saying tattooed

Below the post where she shared a photo of her mother’s simple post, some fans commented that it would make a perfect tattoo on her. One fan said she should have tattooed the saying with her mother’s handwriting.

The fan added that it would be a good idea. Another fan had the same idea and said that the saying would make a great tattoo, and that it would even be special if she had it from her mother’s hand.

Others commented that tattooing the phrase would make it more of a reminder because she sees it more often than not. One follower added that the tattoo would look better on her wrist.

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