Learn the importance of acceptance with help from Natalya Hramova’s new book

The author believes that success is about self-assessment, healing, and moving forward.

Experiences tend to bombard people when they least expect it or when there is too much to experience. Revolutionary Leadership with Natalya Hramova, now available on Amazon, is a book for those who feel unable to reflect and come to terms with what has happened. The stories in this book will allow readers to take a step back and help them evaluate their experiences from a new perspective.

Natalya Hramova is a professional musician, journalist, nurse, entrepreneur and an amalgam of incompatibilities. She is the author of several articles and interviews on art published in Ukraine. His most recent work deals with the struggle of the human soul. After immigrating to Canada, she continued to do what she always loved: writing while caring for patients daily in one of Canada’s premier hospitals. She lives and breathes the motto, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” As a mental health advocate, his compassionate care has touched the lives of many. She continues to inspire not only her patients, but also her team members and friends to perform at their best while facing adversity with courage. She found her path to becoming her best self with the following achievement: “[L]ife was not happening at me, but for me. life was happening for me so that I can continue to learn and grow, so that my spirit can mature and my character can be fortified like hardened steel.

Hramova vulnerably shares some of her darker experiences with her readers. These experiences, like ghosts, haunted her for years before she realized she had to accept them for what they were. Acceptance led to healing.

“I accepted my many flaws and failures. I realized that I had the right to be lost and that it was okay to make even the biggest mistakes in life…I welcomed fear as part of my life. I befriended him and listened to him, and when I opened up to him, he stopped controlling me,” Hramova says.

Life makes people bite off more than they can chew. Revolutionary Leadership with Natalya Hramova will show that accepting life’s problems, making a plan, and moving forward will give you a new perspective on your struggles – a perspective that will give meaning to your journey.

Anastasia Bykova, a nurse practitioner with the University Health Network, comments on Hramova’s growth: “As a registered nurse with fifteen years of experience, I have witnessed Natalya’s growth as a nurse and a leader. She really cares with all her heart. For her, patients come first. She gives them all of herself: her knowledge, her compassion and her encouragement. She is also a fighter. Natalya’s life in Canada was not easy. She had to fight her battles. However, she never surrendered. I am still amazed by her resilience and hard work on herself. His path to success can be an example for others.

Marina Lopyreva, SN, accountant at Aurum Property Care, explains Hramova’s transformation: Natalya Hramova has overcome many challenges throughout her life. He is a kind and compassionate person. And it makes sense that she chose to be a nurse and help others. Unfortunately, this only made his inner struggles worse. Fear for the lives of others, panic attacks and bouts of anxiety were fierce and frequent. One day Natalya would be funny and full of life. The next day she would try to hide the agony inside her. But she never complained and never put her needs above others. I desperately wanted to help, but I knew deep down that Natalya had to be the one who would win her inner fight. And finally, it happened: Natalya completely transformed her life with hard internal work and determination. She is full of life and love and now shares her journey with others in need!

Revolutionary Leadership with Natalya Hramova is now for sale on Amazon.

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