Lionel Richie talks about the inspiration behind his greatest hits

Lionel Richie is by far one of the greatest singers of all time.

He’s also a phenomenal songwriter.

Since he started singing in the 1970s, he has never stopped serving the world with the gift of music.

He recently released a remastered HD music video of his 2006 hit, “I Call It Love.”

He also still performs at sold-out shows, and his next show at Wynn, Las Vegas is scheduled for September.

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Lionel says that although he has achieved a lot in life, his greatest achievement is being a father.

“I’ve been blessed to accomplish a lot in my life. But three of the best accomplishments are here,” he captioned a photo with his three children; Nicole, Sofia and Miles.

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Writing is therapeutic for him. He revealed this during his interview with GQ in 2018.

“I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was the greatest form of therapy I’ve ever had in my life because the things I felt could actually be put into words,” did he declare.

When it comes to writing hits, he says the secret is to “let it go”.

He released his worldwide hit song “Easy” in 1977. Talking about the inspiration behind it, Lionel told GQ it was the first song that showed him people could relate to what ‘he was singing.

“I think it was the first song that gave me the opportunity to realize that I can write a song and people will come up to you and say, ‘I feel the same’,” he said. he declares.

Regarding the 1983 hit single, “All Night Long,” the singer says it took him a while to land on the hook.

“It took me about another month to walk around my house and try to figure out what the hook was,” he said.

The hook finally came when he went to dinner at his friend’s house who was from Jamaica.

The same year, Lionel released another big hit, “Hello”. He says he was playing the piano and sang the words “hello, are you looking for me” when R Michael came in and said “yes”. He then encouraged him to make it a full song.

“I’m now writing the song to finish it, to make him happy, but I’m not thrilled about it, until I write the lyrics.” The song became a hit and topped the Billboard music charts. The album from which the single is taken, “Can’t Slow Down”, won the 1984 Grammy for “Album of the Year”.

In total, Lionel has won five Grammy Awards and has sold over 100 million records worldwide.

His other hits include “Penny Lover”, “Just for You”, “Truly”, “Running With the Night”, “We Are the World”, “Say You, Say Me”, “Stuck on You”, “Endless Love ‘ and ‘Dancing with the ceiling’.

Today the star celebrates his birthday and East Coast Gold will play some of those classics. Listen now.

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