Maryam Al Ketbi an inspiration within the SSEF

Sharjah 24: Maryam Al Ketbi, one of the affiliates of the Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation (SSEF) (Al Tamkeen), signed her first novel entitled “Immortality of Hope”, first published at the 40th International Book Fair from Sharjah.
“Immortality of Hope” is a realistic story inspired by the life of Maryam becoming a wodow. The chapters of the novel focus on her biography, in which she wrote about her feelings of loss and compensation. The day she lost her husband, her daughter was born. Her daughter died a few years later, leaving behind a grieving mother.

Among the lines of the novel, which contained many challenges and trials, the struggling mother, Maryam, resumed her university studies, until she completed her masters degree.

Maryam expressed her joy saying that her love for writing and reading sparked her desire to share her words with everyone. She went through difficulties writing her novel, since 2016, until it finally blossomed under the title “The Immortality of Hope” to talk about the suffering of the orphan and the challenges facing her. widow is confronted so that others look to her. She was inspired by the immortality of hope, which means the survival of hope. She thanked SSEF for their continued support and for being by their side throughout the process.

Maryam Malallah, head of the psychological services department at SSEF, said the foundation is proud of the impressive accomplishment that has come about after great challenges in front of a strong and great person who has stood the test of time in many situations. that almost weakened her, and the SSEF stands with her today with joy and pride in the first edition to confirm her support.

Maryam Malallah concluded by saying that the foundation plays a central role in providing psychological support to affiliates who strive to achieve empowerment, personal and social harmony by providing services and programs, guiding them on way of solving life’s problems, focusing on building and developing themselves, instilling confidence and achieving self-balance.

The Foundation demonstrates a constructive strategy by allowing its members to work to discover their talents, to release their energies and to encourage them to develop their capacities through the unique care it provides, by providing integrated services and a comprehensive care method that is not limited to economic support. , but extends to all aspects of empowerment.

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