Matthew West Shares His Inspiration Writing New Book ‘The God Who Remains’

Christian Artist Matthew West Shares His Inspiration While Writing His New Book “The God Who Remains.”

Matthew West

Being in the Christian music industry since the 1990s, he’s been through a lot already. He has written chart-topping songs, been nominated for five Grammy Awards and written six books. Matthew did it all, however, he also went through tough times in his career.

The award-winning musician has seen a major tour canceled due to a pandemic. And he’s also seen some of his fellow artists drift away from the faith they once believed in. Our future is never certain, everything around us is constantly changing, but one thing is certain: God is the remaining god.

“God does not advance. Even when the rest of the world does, He stays with you. And it walks with you no matter how long it takes,” Matthew said in an interview with The Christian Post. “Our world is moving forward. We are already on the next crisis. If you turn on the news today, it will be a different crisis than they were highlighting yesterday; the world is moving forward. But when we’re still stuck in our grief, or we’re still stuck in our anxiety, we’re still struggling with our depression, we’re still struggling with our demons and addictions, there’s one who promises he’s not going to let Even if the world says, ‘Too much for me, I’m moving on’, it stays, it stays, it stays.

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“The God Who Remains”

It inspired the 45-year-old artist to write his new book, “The God Who Remains.” It’s also the same title as his 2020 song which tells the same message of God’s promise to us. The book also tells us how Matthew embarked on a much-needed spiritual journey to revival amid the crisis in 2020.

“The first chapter of this book actually takes place in the backseat of an Uber in Trenton, New Jersey, on the way to the Philadelphia airport, while I’m sitting in the backseat. collapses, and I’m just consumed with fear and panic, like everyone probably was,” he recalled.

“And a song came on the Uber driver’s radio, in the middle of that ride to the airport. And it was my song; it was ‘The God Who Remains’. The Uber driver was actually singing every word of the song. He had no idea I was sitting in the back. And so the interaction that happened with this Uber driver ended up being the start and the inspiration for me to write this book, hopefully as a reminder to myself and others that no matter what kind of difficult things we face, we are never in the face of it alone. He is always with us.


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Reference: The Christian Post

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