Meghan Markle talks to Anita Hill about the importance of the Supreme Court

Meghan Markle has long been known for sparking new friendships by reaching out to those she admires, and every so often we hear of a surprising connection she’s made, like the actress Melissa McCarthy, who collaborated with her on an Archewell mentoring initiative, or leader and activist Jose Andres. Monday, law professor and feminist icon Anita Hill subtly mentioned that she too got to know the Duchess.

In an op-ed for URL Media, Hill praised Ketanji Brown Jackson, the federal judge who President Joe Biden recently appointed to replace the outgoing judge Stephane Breyer, adding that she and Meghan actually discussed Jackson. “I was recently able to come into contact with one of these women – Meghan, Duchess of Sussex – and although her role over the past few years has not been that of a federal judge or elected , I couldn’t help but see a measure of parallelism given her experience navigating uncharted territory as a black woman,” Hill wrote.

Meghan hailed the nomination for its historic quality and potential to inspire young women across the country. “Tomorrow’s civil rights story is being written today,” Meghan told Hill. “Judge Jackson’s appointment has opened new horizons for the representation of women at the highest levels of a justice system that has for too long leaned against the very community from which she hails. For the millions of young women who will rightly find inspiration in this moment, let us remember that black achievement is something that does not just exist today or yesterday, and not just in celebratory moments, but like a fabric woven throughout the chronicle of American history.

In the years since Meghan and Prince Harry retired from their royal roles, they both became more comfortable making political statements that would have been anathema if they were still representing Queen Elizabeth. In the lead up to the 2020 election, Meghan enthusiastically joined a campaign to secure the vote, despite not officially endorsing a candidate, and in 2021 she and Prince Harry announced their goal of championing global equity in vaccines.

In August 2020, Meghan sat down with another feminist icon, Gloria Steinem, who she connected with at the start of the pandemic. At the time, a source close to Meghan and Harry said vanity lounge that they had turned to political activism. “The focus is on projects and campaigns that mean something to them and are in line with their views, which includes civil rights, women’s empowerment and movements like BLM,” the source said. .

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