Paul McCartney flip-flops on song’s inspiration as he insists he wrote The Beatles’ “Day in the Life”

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Macca has given a very different account of the inspiration behind the Beatles’ song “A Day in the Life” in a new lyric book, as he reiterates that it is he, and not his bandmate John Lennon, who wrote the song.

Paul McCartney claims he wrote “A Day in the Life”, not a band member John lennon.

The lyrics to the 1967 Beatles track were previously attributed to Lennon, but now McCartney has insisted it was inspired by a car crash, which killed his friend, the Guinness heir. Tara Browne.

In the new book “Words“, which Paul wrote with Paul Muldoon, the rocker says: “I wrote about him (Browne) in A Day in the Life – ‘He blew his head in a car / he didn’t notice the lights had changed.’ ”

But Lennon, who was shot in 1980, previously said the Browne crash “was on my mind when I was writing this verse.”

In a 1997 biography, “Many years from now“McCartney gave a very different account of the song’s inspiration, saying,” (The lyrics were) attributed to Tara Browne, the Guinness heiress, which I don’t think so. . In my head, I imagined a drug-bombed politician who had stopped at traffic lights and hadn’t noticed that the lights had changed. ”

In a previous interview, Paul McCartney also disputed the information regarding The Beatles to break up.

When the Fab Four broke up, newspaper headlines like “Paul Quits the Beatles” suggested that McCartney was the man responsible, but the musician insisted in a radio interview that it was John Lennon who initiated the split.

“John walked into a room one day and said, ‘I’m leaving the Beatles. “Was he the instigator of the split, or not?” McCartney said. “It was my band, it was my job, it was my life, so I wanted to keep it going.”

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