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The return from the bustling streets of London to the calm of the Isle of Man inspired the music for an album.

Rebecca Brahde, 23, released her debut album “Into the Night,” a self-produced collection of 10 piano music tracks, this week.

Recorded at Loco Studios, London, the music contrasts in styles and emotions, and is almost two albums in one, the music being either driven and inspired by darkness or light.

Rebecca was brought in to create and compose the album after returning to the Isle of Man from a stay in London, where she was immersed in MA studies in political communication.

The change of pace, coupled with the peace and quiet that came with the island’s lockdown, sparked Rebecca’s creativity, which resulted in this album.

“A lot of the inspiration for my music came during the shutdowns when I was out driving or walking, and how I felt surrounded by nature,” Rebecca said.

“I was also inspired by my emotions during this time too.

“I love being outdoors and discovering nature. I love things like paddleboarding or kayaking, swimming, or just being by the sea, and I wanted to reflect a lot of that in my music.

“There’s also a bit of Celtic influence there too. I used to pay in a folk band and I think that comes through in my music too.

“The island is such a lovely place to visit and I loved being back here.

“In 2020 in particular, London was not a pleasant place to stay, and coming back here was amazing.

“The Isle of Man has given me so much more time and space, both physically and mentally, and the stunning scenery has only added to that.

‘I was really inspired to create and write.’

The cover (pictured left) was provided by her friend, illustrator Jacqui Gill.

Rebecca has been playing the piano since the age of eight and has already released two original compositions.

Besides the quietness and landscapes of the island, she also drew inspiration from her favorite contemporary pianists, such as French composer Sofiane Parmart and film composer Hans Zimmerman.

She plans to continue writing and composing when she returns to London to complete her studies, with four more compositions awaiting completion.

However, she has no plans to perform her music in a live setting anytime soon.

‘Music and composing songs and my own music is my main hobby.

‘I never really wanted to perform live or perform my songs, partly because I was nervous.

“I’m not saying I would ever play them live, but it’s not something I’ve really considered yet.”

“Into the Night” is available to stream from Rebecca’s Spotify page.

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