PICK OF THE WEEK: Writing tips for young writers

Bradford Public Library’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG) wants teens to write – and win prizes – in February

Writing is an art that anyone can do with a keyboard and a little time. That’s why the Bradford Public Library’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG) wants teens to write – and win prizes – in February! Check out the BWG Library website for more details on this creative writing contest run by teens and teen judges on the theme of injustice.

If you’re looking for storytelling inspiration and advice, check out this week’s BWG picks on writing.

This is not a writing manual: Notes for the young writer in the real world by Kerri Majors

Focuses on the skills and techniques needed for good writing and combines inspiring anecdotes and writing prompts with practical writing advice on how to develop characters and plots, do revisions and overcome the writer’s block.

Storyville! : an illustrated guide to writing fiction by John Dufresne and Evan Wondolowski

A smart and fun guide to writing fiction, with engaging infographics that bring storytelling techniques to life. Whether you’re intimidated by a blinking cursor or frustrated trying to get the people in your head onto the page, writing stories can be intimidating. It takes passion, tenacity, patience, as well as knowledge and faith in the often gradual writing process. A do-it-yourself manual for the budding fiction writer.

Never Say You Can’t Survive: How to Get Through Tough Times by Making Up Stories by Charlie Jane Anders

This is one of the most practical storytelling guides you’ll ever read. The world is on fire. So tell your story. Things are scary right now. We are all swept away by a tidal wave of history, and it’s easy to feel helpless. But we are not helpless: we have minds, imaginations and the ability to visualize other worlds and valiant struggles. And writing can be an act of resistance that reminds us that other futures and other ways of life are possible.

Hope in the Mail: Reflections on Writing and Life by Wendelin Van Draanen

Wendelin shares what she’s learned – about writing, life, and what it takes to live the life of a writer. This book is full of practical advice on the craft: how to create characters and plot an exciting story to read. But perhaps even more helpful is the insight it gives into the perseverance and perseverance needed to live a productive and creative life.

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