Prasoon Joshi on the importance of having literary events: there are voices that are underrepresented | Hindi Movie News

Prasoon Joshi, CBFC President, poet, author and lyricist, was one of the long-listed judges of the prestigious Women AutHer Awards 2022. During the event, the renowned artist and writer spoke about the importance of female authors and the need for diverse storytelling.

Being one of the jury members, Prasoon expressed his gratitude for being able to assess talented, new and aspiring writers. He also shared that he felt thrilled to discover compelling works. Elaborating further, he explained how, as a child, he had a timely entry into the library run by his father only to have the chance to peruse books, grow and evolve from them.

Prasoon shared, “Since my father was an education officer, I could get unfair entry into the library and could browse through books. Without knowing any background, I picked up a lot. They influenced me enormously. It also made me realize why women authors should be considered separately. He added: “Growing up I realized that there are voices that are underrepresented and it is not in the interest of humanity. We have to build a collective consciousness and contribute to it collectively, so that the voice comes with a point of view”.

On a closing note, Prasoon shared, “There is a need to celebrate different perspectives and thought processes and to celebrate every woman’s voice, who helps bring about meaningful change in society with her words.”

Earlier, when announcing the nominees, Prasoon shared, “We need more voices from non-metro India and more diversity of topics. The subjects of female writers have a wider sky, and limiting this to female protagonists won’t do it justice. The quest to find authenticity and express it in inimitable ways is what we honor and celebrate at these awards.

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