‘Rani Bharti is an inspiration in the life of politician Rabri Devi’ – Entertainment News, Firstpost

In an interview with Firstpost actor Huma Qureshi said that Sony Liv’s Maharani Season 2 is an inspiration of Rabri Devi’s life, but I still maintain that I am not representing her.

In conversation with Huma Qureshi on Maharani Season 2 and how Rani Bharti’s charter evolved and she became assured of who she is and how powerful she is. Huma is one of the first actresses to bridge East and West with the digital platform. She refuses to be boxed and doesn’t want to be part of the rat race to become the number 1 actress. She still clings to the fact that Rani Bharti is not Rabri Devi but part of it is inspired by her life.

Excerpts from the interview:

How has your role as Rani Bharti evolved since Maharani Season 1 in season 2?

When we started the journey with Rani Bharti, she was a naïve housewife who was suddenly pushed by power and she didn’t know how to handle the world of politics. It was unclear if she would be able to navigate this space. Of course, she was largely naive, not knowing her place and not knowing how things were done in politics. Although at the end of season 1, there was a big change in her attitude where she became a little more aware, a little more politically astute after taking very strong positions and decisions. In Season 2, viewers will find that she is more assured of who she is, where she belongs, how powerful she is, and what decisions she will eventually make.

How much research do you have to do on women in politics for the show maharani?

To be honest, I didn’t have to do much research as everything was taken care of by web show creator Subhash Kapoor and his team. They put a lot of energy and time into the project. And the whole team was also very politically aware. In terms of research, I was in very good hands and relied heavily on their experiences.

Huma Qureshi in Maharani

Has the political scene in India improved today compared to the past?

Not just politics, my response is that the role of women in general in society has improved. Is it the best we can have, maybe not? But “yes”, there is definitely a change and yes, we have to keep pushing the limits.

From being the first to work on the digital platform…

When I did Laila a few years ago for a streaming platform, I had people come up to me and say, “Are you sure you want to do this? If you start working in this space, people will probably think you don’t have any film work..“It was of course the early days and I remember being the first girl on a web show. Before that, there were only one or two big shows that just came out. And I wanted to be part of web shows because I watched a lot of international content and I felt at the time that there would be a change in writing and content and at that time I felt that the OTT boom would catch up in India too.

The pandemic has accelerated the process. But I am very proud to have been one of the first to have done this. And I’m happy to see that there are so many beautiful roles written for women with strong stories. We kind of created an ecosystem for that to emerge. Thus, we no longer rely solely on a particular type of story or narrative. There is room and space for so much more. It’s a very exciting time for artists. I don’t know where it’s going to go from here. But certainly as long as they try to tell powerful and empowering stories, audiences will continue to engage with this platform. Look at the OTT players and the ecosystem it has created. It’s absolutely amazing.

OTT doesn’t put you in boxes. How liberating is it to work on this platform?

I refuse to be boxed. I refused to accept that I could only do this and not that and every time I was told this I walked away and did something completely different. Even if you watch it this year at my work, you can understand that I made a series for a mass Tamil film. Today, in the time and age in which we live as performers, we have access to many different audiences to disseminate our work. Of course, theater will be my first love and I became an actor because of my love for the magic of the unique screen. But we’re definitely in such a great time where there’s so many new directors, new stories, new ideas floating around that I want to be a part of. I don’t want to restrict myself by doing just one thing. So, I refuse to be framed whether it’s the genre, the narrative style or the platform.

Huma Qureshi On Maharani Season 2 Rani Bharti Is A Life Inspiration Of Politician Rabri Devis

Huma Qureshi in an image from Army Of The Dead | netflix

You were the first Indian actor to bridge East and West through the digital platform. How has OTT changed your life?

Our world is shrinking. The month Army of the Dead released, I also had Maharani Season 1 published. It was such an exciting time and at the same time there was the problem of abundance. I remember sitting in my house and promoting Army of the Dead through zoom interviews because of the pandemic. Once, I was seen giving interviews for the Army of the Dead and still the next moment I was giving interviews for maharani season 1.

Web series were considered for underdogs only. When Maharani came out, SonyLiv was a platform that was just emerging. People were still finding out about the platform, I was also like I don’t know about the platform, how it’s going to be. Then Subhash Kapoor sent the script and I got a zoom narration, I felt the script was very interesting and I didn’t do anything like that. I just jumped in. It was one of the shows that not only penetrated the big cities, but also the small towns. Television had created this culture to dump on the public all that was not of quality. This is why we are witnessing the boom of OTT as people are constantly looking for better content. It was a very rewarding journey with maharani be part of a show that is loved across the country.

On choosing your roles.

For me, having a filmography interests me and I don’t want to be part of the rat race where I want to be the number one actress and people celebrate you as the number one actress. It’s not my trip at all. I want to work for the next fifty years.

Similarities of Rabri Devi and Rani Bharti…

The idea is to take inspiration from her. The story is about a woman who is not of this world. We took a few popular parts and put a spin on them. But I still maintain the fact that I do not represent Rabri Devi.

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