Seth Meyers on the rise of Wally and the importance of ridiculous impressions of political figures – Awardsdaily

It is incredible that the Late Night with Seth Meyers was never nominated for the Outstanding Variety Talk series. The category is dominated by network TV luminaries, but no one shakes up its lineup quite like Meyers. Not only does he have an ease with all of his guests, but Meyers’ political segments are continually the best on TV. As the world burns around us, Late at night delivers both information, clarity and humor like no one else.

“A Closer Look” is a constant feature in my home. Several times a week, Meyers scours our cluttered News Feed and delivers a segment that keeps you laughing at what political figures are up to. He mocks both sides. He doesn’t hold Joe Biden on a pedestal the way Fox News does with Donald Trump, and, I have to say, his impressions of prominent figures have evolved so much that they take on a life of their own. Meyers’ take on Tucker Carlson’s relentless but unresponsive stream of consciousness is brilliant.

For “Corrections,” Meyers returns to correct any kind of misinformation spread on his show, and I’m talking about any small, seemingly insignificant detail. For example, I tell Meyers that I had no idea that Chuck Lorre wrote the theme song for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Meyers delivers these facts and corrections with the energy of a serious parent-teacher conference, and to see someone alluding to the sanctity of the public’s relationship with the press is refreshing.

We also talk about the meteoric rise of cue card writing legend, Wally. Watch out for Seth, he’s coming for your job!

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