Shannon Bream shares how women in the Bible serve as inspiration

In God ‘there is a purpose in pain’

Shannon Bream
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Despite living through tough times, Fox News host Shannon Bream says anything can be inspired by the women in her new book, Mothers and daughters of the Bible speak.

Bream’s new book follows the success of his first installment in the series, The women of the Bible speak, which has sold over a million copies. The 51-year-old author said the faith-based books that focus on Bible heroines were created thanks to her employer, Fox News.

“It’s been a huge blessing, I work in an amazing place. We have a loyal following not only to our channel, but many are loyal in the sense that they’re in their places of worship every weekend. [Faith is] a large part of their life. So Fox came to me a few years ago for this first book in the series,” Bream told the Christian Post.

Bream said Fox knew how important her faith was to her and approached her to write the series.

“I was so excited, I probably didn’t realize how much I had bitten into this project,” she said. Been to seminary, theologians who let me ask them, “What does this verse mean? What does it mean in Greek or Hebrew? What was the cultural context at the time?”

In Bible Mothers and Daughters SpeakBream delves into family dynamics and how each person carried out God’s plans.

Divided into three parts, the book explores the relationships between mothers and daughters, mothers and sons, and fathers and daughters. It also highlights lessons readers can learn from these biblical characters.

“Not all of these mothers and daughters in the Bible were models of virtue,” the book description adds. “Like us, they were human beings who wavered and struggled to do their best. While some heard God’s voice, others chose their own path. Through the prism of their imperfections, we can see how God used their stories to carry out His divine plans. . He is still doing the same work in our lives today.”

Although Beam grew up in a Bible-believing household and attended Liberty University, a Christian institution, before going to Florida State Law School, she was surprised at how much she learned in researching these biblical topics.

“It was a huge blessing for me to go through this process of researching them and feeling like I had come to know them personally by the time this book was finished,” she said.

“As we know, in the Bible, some of them are really beautiful and faithful and some of these families are super dysfunctional,” she continued. “But I think they’re all there for us to learn from the good and the bad.

“I love that God included all of these stories in the scriptures. For anyone who isn’t familiar with and hasn’t really studied the Bible, they might not realize how [central] a lot of these strong female characters are in these stories where God wanted us to learn something and know something and see his faithfulness through the ages.

An example is the story of Jochebed, a mother who, together with her daughter, Miriam, risked everything to protect her son, Moses, from Pharaoh. She also shares the story of Rebekah, who made terrible choices in an attempt to secure her son’s place in history. Another daughter featured in the book is Michal, Saul’s daughter, who did her part to keep her father from sinning while facing her own battles.

In her own life, Bream says her mother, Marie Norris, helped shape her into the woman she is today.

“My mom is my biggest role model because she’s one of those people who is a devout Christian in her 24/7 walk,” she said. “I always tell people, ‘If she says she’s praying for you, even though you met her at the grocery store, and you’re sharing your life story, she’ll probably be praying for you right there. ‘grocery store. .’ She’ll pray for you. And she means it. She’s on her knees, and she’s the first person to show up with a casserole or a loaf of homemade bread, or wherever and whenever you need her, at the hospital, at your home.

“She is the hands and feet of Christ in a very practical way,” Bream added, describing her mother as selfless. “So I saw this model. And it’s such an awesome thing for my whole life. I always tell her, ‘When I grow up, I want to be you, mom.’ I mean, she is the model of Christ that we really aspire to, but she is an excellent earthly image of Him.

“It makes me grateful to go through the Bible and see how important this relationship is, and to feel blessed to have this with my mom,” Bream added.

Bible Mothers and Daughters also examines the relationship between spiritual mothers and daughters such as Naomi and Ruth and Elizabeth and Mary.

“Seeing all the different female relationships come together in the Bible has been a huge blessing,” Bream said.

“I find that so energizing because we’re living in tough times. Over the last couple of years of the pandemic, everyone’s been through some kind of loss and/or anxiety or isolation – it’s just reality for people,” she said. “Now watching the war unfold in Ukraine and seeing this huge humanitarian crisis. It shocks our conscience to see these things.

However, the writing gave the popular Fox News host encouragement during a time of uncertainty.

“While writing these books, they reminded me that God does not ignore our suffering. We are told in Scripture that Christ, when He came here, [He] endured everything we had and more,” she postulated. “He knows all the struggles we might face.”

“So I’m encouraged in the Bible to see that God was working through all of these stories, the Old Testament, the New Testament, sometimes these women were in periods of waiting where it seemed like God hadn’t even heard or seen their struggle. Some of them were in very dark valleys,” Bream said.

“Whether they are fleeing oppression and starvation, or widowhood, or infertility, or financial disaster, or truly dysfunctional families, these women are all there through the scriptures. We see how God was working through them , even when they made huge mistakes.

Reading about these women in the Bible really energized Bream who said these historical figures remind readers that whatever they may be going through, “God is in your story”.

“He is aware of your situation and your suffering and we can take great courage in the promises that he is faithful.”

The accomplished journalist said she stood by God’s Word “to find my identity and know that the Bible says he has already planned good works for us.”

“So he has a purpose for us and even in the darkest and most difficult times of my life, I knew there was a purpose to it because of him,” she concluded. “So I stand in my identity as a daughter of my Heavenly Father and I think nothing else will ever matter more than that when it comes to identifying who I am or what I believe. .”

Bible Mothers and Daughters is now available wherever books are sold.

Jeannie Ortega Law is a reporter for The Christian Post. Contact her at: [email protected] She is also the author of the book, What’s happening to me? How to defeat your invisible enemy Follow her on Twitter: @jlawcp Facebook: JeannieOMusic

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