Teacher from viral Tiktok video ‘Mentalympics’ cites importance of integrating learning with digital platforms

One of the teachers and participants of the viral Tiktok video “Mentalympics” shed light on the importance of integrating academic learning with today’s digital platforms.


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♬ original sound – Maam Binibini – Maam Binibini

“Our migration to the digital age is visible and we must embrace it,” said ED Goldilaine N. Flores in a mix of English and Filipino.

“Because if we don’t evolve with what is fashionable in society, we will find it difficult to develop ourselves in particular by shaping our knowledge on different aspects,” she continued.

The use of e-learning materials is already the “new culture” of our society, she added.

Flores is a high school English teacher at Panabo City National High School in Davao del Norte who, along with her co-teachers, has gone viral online for sharing learnings and laughs in their Mentalympics TikTok videos.

Teachers, not just students, also take challenging quizzes

Flores and his colleagues’ first Mentalympics or Mental Olympics video, which has 645,300 views at the time of writing, has garnered massive attention from netizens for their hilarious yet competitive ways of answering science and general knowledge questions curated by their “quiz master”.

And the venue for their self-taught quiz was none other than the school’s faculty office, Flores said in an interview with the Manila Bulletin.

Mentalympics started when she bought board games from an online store for her counseling class.

“I let other board games be used in the faculty office also for fun and to refresh the minds of our (teachers),” she said.

“Then one time while we were talking I mentioned the idea of ​​having a quiz game and so everyone clicked and decided to participate,” she continued.


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♬ original sound – Maam Binibini – Maam Binibini

Flores didn’t expect their video to go viral online as she only recorded it to post to her personal Facebook account.

“My colleague posted it on TikTok first and it clicked,” she said.

She then uploaded it to her own TikTok account and that’s when it started gaining hundreds of thousands of views, with some even asking to see more fun Mentalympics videos of them.

“And as the editor of the video, I was happy with the comments and editing videos for TikTok has become part of my weekly routine since then,” the teacher said.

The Mentalympics videos of Flores and his co-teachers, or who they call themselves “The Cast”, now have five parts with views ranging from 560,000 to 3.2 million.

Expansion of educational content

Since many have shown their support and expressed positive comments on their Mentalympics videos, The Cast decided to create a Facebook page and a YouTube account where they plan to expand and post more free educational content for everyone.

“The cast” of the Quizmiz Kaalaman team (Facebook)

The group consists of Flores, Dhan Febmar S. Cajegas, Johanna Mae D. Sitchon, Chelsi Grace R. Esparagoza, Brenn Joedale S. Lopez, Ella Mae B. Artillo, Grace A. Alfornon, Daina Jeane Sumiga, Lydia O. Bustamante , Ellen Joy J. Sombilon, Dioprey S. Ebol, Agnes M. Godoy, and Rogie Jr. Vergara.

Their page called “Team Quizmiz Kaalaman” now has nearly 5,000 likes and 16,000 followers.

The Cast plans to create “educational content, but in other forms of mechanics that are just as fun as what we’re doing now,” Flores said.



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