The Alchemist’s Kitchen has always embraced the importance of building community

They currently organize courses and conferences to inform, educate and enlighten. The sense of place is now physical and virtual, a destination where teachers and participants can congregate, engage and empower themselves with knowledge.

They strive to accomplish this through their monthly schedule of workshops and classes led by an incredible team of resident herbalists and a collective community of teachers. All educators embody their philosophy; one rooted in the celebration of plants, ancient wisdom, healing and awareness.

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This spring, there will be three magical offerings to celebrate the intention to live well.

Nourishing Sky: An Astrological Exploration of Self-Care

Join the author of body astrology, Claire Gallagher as she dives into the lens of self-care through astrology. Participants will learn to identify and understand the parts of their personal birth chart that affect the body and shape health stories. Receive in-depth insight into the natal Moon and what it needs to feel most supported.

Watch Claire’s interview about her book body astrology on The Alchemist’s Kitchen YOUTUBE channel.

Week 1: the basics of body astrology

Learn the basics of medical astrology such as the differences between planets, signs, houses, and where to start looking for health information in astrological charts. Identify your own “Body Astrology Triad” (Sun, Moon, Rising) and what it represents in a person’s health history. Find out which houses rule well-being and what the signs and planets may need to feel supported.

Week Two: Be Kind to Your Moon

One’s Moon is the main rule of personal rhythm and body care. Accepting and respecting it is the foundation of astrological self-care. During the second week, discover how the element, qualities and phase of the natal moon translate into energy flow and daily nutritional needs. Go even further by exploring the relationships your own natal Moon has with other planets (i.e. aspects).

* Please bring a copy of your natal chart to class for reference, preferably calculated using whole houses.

BOOK CLUB: The Awakening of Artemis with author and herbalist Vanessa Chakour

Join The Alchemist’s Kitchen for a 5-part virtual series led by author and herbalist Vanessa Chakour. Each class begins with a grounding meditation before diving into a plant featured in The awakening of Artemis. Participants will explore the medicine and themes associated with each plant, do brief journaling exercises, and have space for sharing and self-reflection. Students will learn to identify each plant in nature, learn about plant traditions, explore uses in holistic herbalism, and integrate their own practices between sessions.

Participants will also receive a copy of The awakening of Artemis plus herbal oils, tinctures, teas or flower essences made ethically from each plant the course focuses on – mugwort, wild rose, dandelion, skullcap and chaga – for an embodied experience during the class.

First week – AMUGORTIE: inner nature

In this session, students will:

  • Learn to identify mugwort in the wild
  • Explore the many ways to work with this prolific plant
  • Set an intention for the week and work with mugwort
  • Log; reflect during class and between sessions
  • Read Chapter One of Awakening Artemis
  • Students in the story circle will have the opportunity to share in more depth

Second week – WILD ROSE: Limits
Exploring boundaries, consent, liminal space

Fourth week – DANDELION: Gut Instinct
Explore the relationship with anger, trust, ability to digest food and experiences

Fifth week – SKULLCAP: deep sleep
Rest, relaxation and dreams

Sixth week – CHAGA: Intimacy
Balance between solitude and intimacy. Find a rhythm to take care of yourself, nurture yourself and connect with others.

Midwife The Mystery: Writing the Arcana

During this workshop, students will discover, delve into and tell the story of each of the major arcana of the tarot.

Each of these cards contains and vibrates with an ancient history. These stories change and flex according to the cultural history of the time – and at the same time – the deities, the ancestors, the myths in them remain what they are. In this series, learners practice being with who these cards are, what they represent or mean now, personally and collectively, and the deep and often uplifting medicine they can offer. And then students will create a space to find the questions within themselves and the cards to re-write these stories for this time, creating and re-mythologizing these cards together.

These cards are truly ancestry – each comes with its own unique wisdoms on how to begin, how to create, how to be born, how to organize. Learn to go within, to be initiated into the newness that one desires, that your innermost guides demand. And how to really transform, become and evolve. These maps map the mystery of life, of human and more than human experiences. Learn to become the midwives of your own stories, old and new, that want to come to fruition.

The class will start with The Fool and work up to The World.

This workshop will run for 5 weeks, where students will meet twice a week. Each week, students will practice being with 1, 2, or 3 cards, deep listening, somatic practice, and lots of writing. So when they are done, they will not only have written new mythos, but will also have a broad, expansive, personal, collective, and nuanced understanding of these cards that will aid in the readings.

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