The Importance of a Call to Action in Ad Text

When writing ad copy, it’s important to keep in mind what your advertising goals are. Your ad goals will help determine your Call to Action (CTA).

Your CTA is a key part of any successful ad campaign because it prompts consumers to take a certain desired action, which, in turn, will improve your campaign performance. It must be persuasive, give a certain sense of urgency and be immediately actionable by the consumer.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when starting your PPC ad campaigns, and they will help you determine what your CTA should be.

  • Do you want the consumer to buy your product or service?
  • Do you want them to register?
  • Do you want the consumer to call your business?
  • Want them to learn more by downloading a PDF or white paper?

Below are some sample CTAs to get you started.

E-commerce: buy, shop, order

If you have an e-commerce business, the goal is to sell your products; CTAs targeted to purchase intent will be great additions to your ad copy to motivate consumers to make a purchase on your site. The different purchase intent CTAs we use most frequently are “buy now”, “buy now”, “order today” or similar variations, which create a very clear message.

Subscriptions: register, subscribe, join, start your free trial

Subscription services come in many forms; there are video and music streaming services, meal delivery services, gym memberships, news outlets, and more. today,” or “sign up now,” are all great phrases to put in your ad copy. For example, Paramount Plus is a TV streaming service that offers a free trial and student discounts. As you can see below, they featured these two offers in the ad copy and sitelink copy to entice consumers to sign up for special offers for their streaming service.

Services: contact us, call us, get a quote, learn more

When you offer services, it may not be as simple as a simple one-click booking. The consumer may be looking for more information, so it is a good idea to indicate in your ad text that you are there to simplify their booking process and answer all their questions. For example, CTAs like “contact us,” “call us,” or “get a quote” put your customer service reps in direct communication with the consumer, which can help with conversion rates. If a client contacts you and has a conversation with someone about your services and feels confident about the responses they received or happy with the quote they got, they are that much more likely to continue to use your services.

Reservations: reserve, reserve, rent, program

You can book hotel, rental car, flights, reservations, appointments, tours and much more. The CTA we would use the most in ad text for any of these ads would be “book now”. In some cases the price may change, so it is important to book now to lock in the price. If you book something with specific dates, the dates you want may be available now but unavailable tomorrow. The mention “book now” in your advertisements will encourage people to make a reservation on your website.

Another option to consider when writing your ad copy is long CTAs that get a consumer excited and create a sense of lack if they don’t act now: “Buy 1 get 1 free”, “Buy now and get 50% off”, “limited time offer” and “get the best prices”. Include all the specials and offers you have running in your ad text for better performance. Below are some examples how to include various CTAs in exciting and different ways to give your ad that extra something.

There are several ways to deliver your CTA in your ad copy, like in the many examples we’ve shown. But did you know there’s a little-known extension in Microsoft Advertising that can add a distinct CTA button to your search ads?

This is the action extension. This extension has a predefined list of 62 (at last count) different CTAs to choose from, including Buy Now, Download, Apply Now, Sign Up, Learn More, Free Quote, and many more. Action extensions are an eye-catching way to add a CTA without taking up more ad space. These action extensions are at the campaign or ad group level.

And a call to action is not only important on your ads, but also on your landing pages. Read more about this in a previous article, 3 Clicks or Less: Where’s Your Call to Action? from the JumpFly blog.

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