The importance of estate planning


Estate planning allows you to make your end-of-life wishes known. Anticipation allows you to designate the person who will carry out your wishes for the distribution of your property, the beneficiaries of your property and the way in which you would like to be taken care of in your last days.

It can give you great peace of mind, direct your hard-earned money to its intended beneficiaries, prevent your money from going through the law and court systems, and provide a way to identify and record assets such as policies. life insurance and safe deposit boxes. to prevent the state from receiving unclaimed property simply because the heirs were unaware of its existence.

Creating a revocable trust provides a place to collect all of your assets, such as your home, other properties, retirement savings, and checking accounts.

Appointing a power of attorney and a successor trustee puts the person of your choice in the position to carry out your wishes.

Completing an advance medical directive clarifies how you would like healthcare professionals to respond to certain end-of-life scenarios. We often hear people say, “Well, my family knows I never want to be placed on a machine.” The words “family” and “machine” can have broad connotations. Machines come in many forms. A designated spokesperson brings clarity and efficiency. Specific instructions will relieve your family of an otherwise heartbreaking experience. Our American medical culture may default to extreme life-prolonging measures unless otherwise directed in writing.

Care coordinators initiate discussions to encourage clients to take these steps as a gift of peace of mind to themselves and their heirs. Senior Services provides training and resources to promote the accomplishment of these very important tasks. Visit and click on the “Help for Caregivers” page to download a copy of Keeping it Together, a pre-planning program guide designed to help caregivers organize their loved ones’ paperwork. MyMichigan Health also offers free assistance with completing an Advance Medical Directive.

We hope this message will encourage and motivate you to consider advance care planning. Call Senior Services at 989-633-3700 if you have any questions.

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