The Importance of Human Trafficking Awareness Month

KERN COUNTY, Calif .– “We have to recognize that any child, unfortunately, could be vulnerable to exploitation or trafficking,” said Dr. Angela Look of the Department of Human Services.

Dr Look is Supervisor of Child Protection Services. She said that although January is dedicated to raising awareness about human trafficking, it is crucial to maintain these efforts throughout the year.

“There is no place in Kern County that is safe from the problem and so everyone should be aware as it is happening in their backyard,” she said.

Dr Look said the signs of human trafficking are never the same, but if there’s an adult that a child doesn’t seem to have a happy or healthy relationship with, trust your instincts.

“When things are going that are not going well, if you have that feeling like ‘Huh, that doesn’t look right’, take the next step and call the authorities about it,” she said.

You can call law enforcement or call CPS at 631-60-11.

Dr Look said parents and educators should also monitor what children are doing and who they talk to online. Adults should also pay attention to the messages their children hear in songs and movies.

“So it’s definitely another way for everyone to work together to help end trafficking by reducing demand and making choices that change our culture to be so sexualized and to have our children raised in. this type of one environment where we respect each other, we have healthy boundaries and we see relationships in a different way, ”Dr. Look said.

You can learn more by reading books about or written by survivors of human trafficking.

There are also community events, like a training on human trafficking which takes place at the Supervisory Board on January 19 at 1115 Truxtun Av.
from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. You can attend in person or virtually. Click on here to watch online.

If you or someone you know needs help, local resources include CityServe, the Alliance Against Family Violence and the Kern Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

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