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One of the fun things I was a part of in high school was the bowling team, I loved it! there was something so fun about hanging out with the team, bowling and having a good time. I think we came in 3rd This might be your chance, owning a piece of history, I know bowlers who love to have a game of The Cove, built in 1958 and opened in 1960, all over the internet it is reported that having been the inspiration for the bowling alley that served as the main setting for “The Big Lebowski”, the 1998 film.

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If you need a reminder of who else was in the bowling scenes in The Big Lebowski, the main one includes El Duderino The dude himself Jeff Bridges, Walter played by John Goodman, and Donny one of the favorites. Steve Buscemi had that role, so there was the purple-clad bowling god Jesus Quintana played by the ever-wonderful John Turturro, Turturro’s few minutes on-screen help make The Big Lebowski one of the best comedic movies in the world. all the time.

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Filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen are said to have used to go to Cove when they attended Bard College in Simon’s Rock in the 1970s. People say it inspired them to use a bowling alley with the same feel as the cove. .
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Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers
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*** High traffic area *** 3.69 ± acre site with a sprawling 26,012 ± SF building. with an iconic bowling alley, indoor mini golf course, bar, food stalls and arcade. Located on busy Route 7. Zoned commercial with several possibilities. The property also houses a U-Haul center.

The auction will take place on Wednesday December 15 at 11:00 a.m.

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