“The intellectual importance of fantastic literature for young people”, Thursday January 13, 6 pm-7pm

Southport, CT – Join the Pequot Library for a lively panel discussion on Zoom in on the importance of fantasy literature to young people with a panel of faculty from Fairfield University and Pequot’s own librarians. From education to emotional development and morality, fantasy literature for children offers a variety of benefits to readers of all ages. This panel will highlight the importance of this often overlooked genre and is offered in conjunction with the exhibition “Magic, Mayhem and Maturity: The Growth of Youth Fantasy Literature”.

Dr. Betsy A. Bowen is Professor of English and Chair of the Faculty of Community Learning at Fairfield University, where she teaches rhetoric, literacy and children’s literature. His current research explores access to literacy among the last generation of enslaved Americans, using interviews collected by the Federal Writers’ Project. Some of this research is available on the “Reading Slavery, Writing Freedom” website. She was recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as the 2010 Connecticut Teacher of the Year.

Dr Bryan Ripley Crandall is Director of the Connecticut Writing Project and Associate Professor in the School of Education and Human Development at Fairfield University where he teaches courses in literacy, philosophy and action research, and directs leadership institutes for teachers and literacy labs for young adults. Her scholarship includes teaching writing in diverse and inclusive contexts, literature for young adults, and professional development from Kindergarten to Grade 12. He is the recipient of a Divergent Award for Excellence from the Initiative for 21st Century Literacy Research and an Elizabeth M. Pfriem Civic Leadership Award for his education and youth programs. Most recently, he co-produced and co-hosted The Write Time, a National Writing Project show that brings together teachers and writers for children and young adults.

Dr. Bowen and Dr. Crandall will be in conversation with Christine Catallo, Exhibition Curator and Chief Librarian, and Jane Manner’s, Children’s Librarian.

This program is supported by Connecticut Humanities.

To register, go to: https://www.pequotlibrary.org/event/the-intellectual-importance-of-youth-fantasy-literature/

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