The only five college essay writing tips you’ll ever need


One of the most important times in your life is when you decide to go to college. Getting in can be tricky, especially if you don’t know how to prepare for that trip. Taking the SAT and applying to various universities can be exhausting. You might also need help preparing for your college essay.

If you need help with your college application, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain how to plan your college essay application, choose the right topic for you, approach it, come up with an outline, and finally, how to write a successful college essay.

Plan your college essay

Your first goal is to come up with a plan for what direction you are heading. The more detailed your plan, the better the outcome. Now is the time to identify what you are on strike for and what you need to get into the college of your dreams. First of all, you need to check the school’s requirements and see what types of students they have accepted in previous years. Then follow these points.

  • Clarify how many tries you have to write and for how many colleges. If college requires you to write more than one essay – or no essay – make sure you know that, too. Also, How long should these tests be?
  • Can you design a unique essay type or should you strive to create a custom one for each college? I would recommend customizing them, but some schools may have similar requirements so it’s worth checking out.
  • Which essay will you start writing first? Know the deadlines for each of your tries and start ahead. Rushing through this process will interfere with the quality of your work.

Once you’ve gathered all of this information, it’s time to move on and decide what topic you’re going to write about. Know that this information is important so don’t skip this first step!

Choose the topic that suits you

Your second task is to choose a topic that relates to yourself and your goals. First, you need to choose the right invite, and second, you need to develop the right ideas for your invite.

Choose the right prompt

Think about your life and what you might write in your essay. What were the most exciting challenges you have faced? What prompts have you thought about? When you think of a prompt, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? How are you going to communicate your idea to others and get the right message across? Answer all these questions first,

Choose the right subject

There are many topics that a successful college essay can cover, but choosing the one that’s right for you is essential. Your the college application is about you, so you should be the one who chooses it, no matter what your parents or your teacher tells you. However, you can discuss your options with a professional essay writing service. He or she could help you with ideas, if necessary. Asking for a second opinion is not wrong.

In the meantime, think about what you are on the most enthusiastic about. Which of your experiences is worth sharing? Who is your role model and has played an influential role in your life? What sets you apart from the crowd?

Make sure you choose a topic that you can be honest about. Lying in your college application is wrong. Make sure you are transparent and try to avoid controversial topics. Brainstorm until you find a prompt that matches your best ideas and start from there.

Show why you are a good fit

Just like a job application, your admission essay should show how you could contribute to the chosen university. Enter because you are awesome is not enough. In what ways could you bring something new to college? How could you contribute to student learning? What projects could you design for them? How are you going to promote the university? Whatever you think you can bring to the table, add it to your list of contributions and include it in your essay.

Write a plan and include the necessary details

Your writing will decide your future, believe it or not. The better you write, the better prepared you are – or at least, that’s what the colleges based their decision on. You need to write a plan first and then include the necessary details. When adding the details, remember to:

  • Think of specific examples for each statement you make.
  • Add images to your writing by explaining the shape, color or texture of the items you are describing. It will grab your reader’s attention.
  • Show that your personality matches your writing style.

Admissions officers look for honest content, so don’t try to fool them. Make sure you don’t use words that you don’t know the meaning of.

Have someone review and proofread your essay

Last but not least, having someone to proofread your essay is a BIG must. This is because you get used to reading your content and can no longer see your mistakes. Use an online writing service such as Grammarly to proofread your work. You can also ask a friend or relative to look at your work and give them their opinion.


Make sure you plan your college essay well before you start writing it. Organizing your ideas, knowing the deadline, and taking enough time to write your article are crucial steps in writing a successful college application. Then choose a topic that you find exciting and write a clear outline of your ideas. Don’t forget to have someone proofread your work. Good luck!


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