Unzipped, Oloni talks about the importance of sex education

Why do you think continuing education, not only on sex but also on sexual pleasure and intimacy, is so essential for women?

TO DO: It is absolutely necessary. When I was in school, we only learned about the biology of sex; we never really learned female excitement or pleasure. And what i like Gender: unzipped is that in the first half, when we talk about virginity, you have one of the puppets there that says, “I don’t buy into the concept because sex is not something taken away from you.” I wish this was something I was taught in school.

I think for Gen Z looking at this, it allows them to think differently. “Why have I always associated PIV (penis inside the vagina) sex with losing my virginity? What was taken? What is lost? Because when we talk about our anatomy during sex, nothing breaks and we aren’t taught that. This is probably something I only knew about in my twenties because I thought the hymen was something that tears or bleeds.

So that starts the conversation and really allows people to unwrap the ideas around virginity and sex. But what Gender: unzipped fact is also to center the conversation on the excitement, too. We are talking about female pleasure; we are talking about the clitoris. We use appropriate words like vulva and vagina and distinguish the two because they are two very different things.

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