Valley News – Young Writers Project Releases Winter and Spring Writing Prompts

Published: 01/09/2017 22:00:19

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Young Writers Project is an independent, non-profit organization that inspires students to write, helps them improve, and connects them with the public through more than 20 Vermont newspapers, YWP’s website, , the monthly digital magazine YWP, The voice, The crow on, and other partners, including and Anyone from anywhere can join the site and will be considered for publication in Digital Magazines and the YWP Annual Anthology.

A team of writers, mentors and student leaders each week choose the best for publication – including submissions to these weekly challenges as well as the daily challenges on Elementary, middle and high school students are encouraged to submit their best writing, photos, audio and video from inside or outside the school for publication and / or presentation. For more information on how to create an account, submit work, and get published, visit

Winter / Spring 2017 writing challenges

General writing in all genres: at any time of the year.

Contrary. We think a lot about who we are and what we want to be. Now think about what you are not and who you are not and create a character, your alter ego. Alternate: Wipe off. You have the option to erase something you have done or a memory that haunts you. Are you taking the risk? If so, what do you erase and why? If not, why not? Due date January 20.

This. Write a story or poem that begins or ends with the sentence: “It changed everything …” Alternative: Me. What’s one thing people might be surprised to learn about you? Details, please! Due date January 27.

Photo7-Window. Write a story based on a photo by Alagich Katya, licensed under Creative Commons. Alternate: Thingamabob. Write a love letter or a love poem to an object. Due February 3.

Lies. Create a fictional story about a parent’s “little white lie” that gets out of hand. What prompts the parent to say this? What happens? Alternate: Lamp. “A lamp has been lit in the house…” Write a text that includes this sentence. Due date February 10.

Sound4-Chimes. Listen to the sound (at and write a story or poem. Alternate: Bully. Write a letter to a bully or bully. The story can be real or imaginary. Don’t use real names. Due date February 17th.

Art. See your life as a work of art. What’s in the photo? Are you looking at it or are you in it? Describe the size, the medium, the colors. Alternate: Embarrassing. Write the dialogue of an excruciatingly uncomfortable experience. Due date February 24.

Photo8-Staircase. Write a story or poem based on a photo by Carmella Clark from Essex High School. Alternate: Fault. Sometimes we are wrong and hope no one notices. Write about a situation in which it backfires in the worst possible way. Due March 3.

Gym. Write about your most memorable gym class experience, good or bad, funny or sad. Alternate: Door. You are left at home alone one night and discover a door you have never seen before. Of course you open it. So what ? Date scheduled for March 10.

Letter. Write a letter to someone who has had a big impact on your life. Or write a letter to someone you want to meet and convince them that they should meet you. Alternate: ER. Write about an experience in a hospital emergency room, real or imagined. Date scheduled for March 17.

Attic. In the attic of your grandmother’s house, you find a box labeled with your name. What’s inside? Do you tell someone else or do you keep it a secret? Is it surprising, shocking, heartwarming, disturbing? Alternate: Invention. Create something outrageously wacky that makes life so much more fun! Date scheduled for March 24.

Photo9-Hoodie. Write a story or poem based on a photo of Bailey Danforth of Essex High School. Alternate: Illegal. “I know it’s illegal, but it’s the weekend! This is a real quote! (Check out the story: Create your own story that begins or ends with quote Due date March 31st.

Sound5-Thunder. Listen to the sound (at and write. Alternate: Technology. If you could create a technology, what would it be and how would it be used? Due April 7.

Perfect. Write about something that works perfectly, real or imagined. Alternate: To crush. You’ve had a crush on someone for a year, but that person doesn’t even know you exist. How do you deal with this? Real or imaginary. No names! Due date April 14.

Backpack. You rummage through your backpack when you stumble upon the most amazing thing. Describe it. Alternate: Fortunate. What’s your lucky number? Tell a story about it and your luck. Due date April 21.

Photo10-House. Write a story or poem based on an illustration by Ava Kendrick of Harwood Union High School. Alternates: Peeves. Describe your pet peeves. Write your best rant; or Route. Think Robert Frost The road not taken and write about two characters at a crossroads. Due date April 28.

Arm. You have developed a third arm. How is the extra arm useful or inconvenient? Alternate: Family. Write a story or poem that includes, “They sat at the dining room table, family of four…” Deadline for May 5th.

Today. Write about the most interesting thing you have heard or found today. Alternate: Not said. Write about something that should have been said, but never was (real or imagined).

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