Was Mark Zuckerberg inspired by the logo of this German company?

Developed in 2016, the German startup offers treatment plans for migraines and headaches. Credits: Twitter / M-sense

Facebook’s rebranding as Meta prompted another puzzle for Mark Zuckerberg, this time from a Berlin health app that treats migraines, ironically.

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  • Last update:02 November 2021, 15:26 IST

It seems like Mark Zuckerberg’s headaches, since rebranding from Facebook Inc to Meta, are endless. From user trolling to competing brands, everyone has had their say in Facebook’s rebranding and Zuckerberg’s vision for the future. Facebook changed not only its name, but the iconic thumbs-up logo as well. Now, M-sense Migraine, a Berlin-based health app, has swiped Facebook’s Meta logo for being inspired by theirs. Developed by Newsenselab in 2016 and available on Google Play Store, the German startup offers treatment plans for migraines and headaches. The tweet quickly went viral and garnered 51,000 likes at the time of writing.

“We are very honored that @facebook is feeling inspired by our migraine app logo – maybe they will be inspired by our data privacy procedures as well,” the M-sense app wrote cheekily in its tweet. . M-sense also advised Zuckerberg to use his app to soothe headaches caused by the rebranding exercise.

Users quickly jumped on the trend and started comparing other brands with similar logos.

Another user agreed to Facebook’s risky privacy policies.

The company also confirmed that it does not plan to go ahead legally, highlighting the “we feel honored to have inspired them” part.

Facebook has come under fire since whistleblower Fracen Haugen leaked internal documents revealing the social media giant deliberately spread hate speech and disinformation. The rebranding is also seen as an effort to brush serious allegations under the rug. After Zuckerberg’s high-profile live announcement of the name change, Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey had done some significant research on Facebook. Brands such as Zomato, Wendy’s, and Netflix had also created their own meta-memes.

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