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It’s National Novel Writing Month! Each November, thousands of aspiring writers use their pens and paper or laptops and keyboards to start a novel. If that’s you, we’ve got you covered!

Finding inspiration is different for everyone. While it can be difficult to spark creativity, new ideas can arise anywhere and anytime. We just have to be open to the process. Need help getting started? Writers throughout history have turned to different strategies to get their ideas flowing.

“For me, the best time to write is in the morning, the first hour before the activity of the day. But sometimes my mind is restless even in the first hour of the morning, so on these days I take a few minutes to meditate or do three pages of free writing in the Morning Pages style, ”said Michael Creeden, associate president. of the English department of the CRF.

Henry David Thoreau spent two years on land owned by friend and famous author Ralph Waldo Emerson to write his environmental reflection “Walden”. While this extreme dedication has had positive results, the efforts can be much simpler.

Go for a walk, visit a community park, or visit a new attraction in your own town – just step outside the house to clear your head. Whether or not you can visit in person, explore the sights of South Florida virtually with the Google Map curated by the Department of Earth and Environment for nature inspiration.

Novelists CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien were part of a book club called “The Inklings” along with other literary enthusiasts, which created opportunities for the cross-pollination of ideas that became their own much-discussed stories.

Clubs are just one way to encourage interaction. FaceTime with a childhood friend. Ask for feedback in an online community forum. Tweet your favorite author. While we might be busy or reluctant to send that message these days, everyone is just one text away or one call away. For the CRF community, the Writing Center is available on both campuses or via an online chat to help you craft an idea.

Agatha Christy has previously been investigated by the British Secret Service for writing with alleged second-hand information from friends who were believed to be spies. Asked about Major Bletchley’s character in her “N or M” war novel, she explained that a late train caused hours of delay in Bletchley Park, England. She named an unwanted character after her ordeal.

Sometimes you don’t have to look for exciting events. The answer may be right in front of you. It’s how you capture and express experiences through your unique perspective that makes it your story. Watch one of the CRF’s authors, John Dufresne, share his TEDxFIU step writing tips for that boost you need to get your next big break.

If you want to start a little smaller, here’s how you can write a short story.

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