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Kudzaishe Muhamba Interactive Writer for Youth

Energetic 17-year-old writer Tafadzwa Jesca Emmah Mususa, affectionately known as Grey, is part of the traditional Dzimbabwe team and has written and recited over 100 poems.

She is a true inspiration to young talents as she educates, instills managers, empowers and motivates young girls and young women through writing articles and reciting poems.

Tafadzwa, who was born and raised in Muzamani village under Chief Charumbira on the outskirts of Masvingo town, said her rural background inspired her the most.

“I am Catholic and also in the traditional African religion. I grew up to be a church-ready volunteer and gained the respect of my peers and elders.

“At school, I can’t count the responsibilities that have been given to me since primary school,” she says.

She said the fact that she served one term as a junior adviser is a testament to this trend.

“My fellow daughter’s fate also planted in me an insatiable desire for female emancipation.

“I vocalize my mind by writing, reciting and even foresee that in the future I can work in theater arts,” she said.

She added that she had a bold vision to transform the world for the good of women and for the general good.

“Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Religious Studies at the Wadzanai Training Center in Harare.

“I am a passionate social worker, although I haven’t accumulated the credentials required for social work practice,” she said.

Tafadzwa said she currently works part-time as a family therapist.

“I also mentor young girls in my community to become empowered and face the challenges of their lives head-on,” she said.

Tafadzwa further added that her vision is to publish an anthropology of 30 early poems this year.

“The purpose of this release is to create a platform for young girls who despise the poetry business and related talents to be nurtured, because the sky is the only limit for them and art is life .

“The poetry sector is not an easy field. It’s hot and dirty at times, but I’m always ready for the insults and negative energy that comes into my turf,” she said.

“My wish is to stay true to my principles and continue to empower and motivate young girls and young women through writing articles and reciting poems,” Tafadzwa said.

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