Zana Goic Petricevic talks about the book “Bold Reinvented” and the importance of leadership

Zana Goic Petricevic. Photo courtesy of Zana Goic Petricevic.

Author Zana Goic Petricevic spoke with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about her book “Bold Reinvented: Next level leader with Courage, Consciousness and Conviction”, and she spoke about the importance of leadership.

Zana brings to her work a blend of over 15 years of experience as a business manager, entrepreneur, executive leadership coach, leadership development consultant, coaching trainer and mentor with a great passion for writing, teaching and public speaking.

Regardless of the methodology or program she uses in her current role, the transformative power of wider and bolder conversations always remains at the heart of her work with clients around the world in the EU, UK, United States and the Asia-Pacific region, including industries as diverse as finance, banking, pharmaceuticals, education, professional services, energy, telecommunications, FMCG and IT.

She is a certified co-active professional coach, a graduate in co-active leadership, a certified coach in organizational and relational systems and a certified Cercle de leadership practitioner. She holds a BA in Languages, an MA in Economics from the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and an MA in International Business Administration from Leeds Beckett University, UK.

His past corporate positions in the region include director of corporate communications in the oil and gas industry and director of marketing and sales in the pharmaceutical industry.

Some of his current formal roles are founders of Bold Leadership Culture, a company providing leadership development solutions; The Certified Leadership Circle Europe Coach and the Balkan Ambassador; trainer of PwC academies in CEE for the ICF accredited business coaching diploma, where she trains and mentors new coaches, convinced that coaching is the new language of modern leadership.

She is the author of a book entitled “Bold Reinvented: Next Level Leading with Courage, Consciousness, and Conviction”.

Zana lives in Zagreb, Croatia, and works internationally as a leadership coach, consultant and speaker.

Tell us about the Bold Leadership Culture, where the idea of ​​centering a vision and a business around leadership came from.

After a few years spent working in the corporate world, I have seen first-hand the impact of leadership focused on monitoring, prosperity and results compared to leadership that promotes innovation, growth of human potential, courageous authenticity and responsibility. In the long run, the impact on the individual is meaningless.

There came a time when I needed to develop my own leadership game, which I did through several powerful programs like the Co-Active Leadership Program and the Circle of Leadership Certification Program. name a few. Once I grew up, I had a clear vision to start giving back and helping others to grow so that they could find their own voice and work that is deeply meaningful to them.

I am passionate about fostering bold leadership in corporate environments as the impact has major ripple effects for everyone in organizations and beyond. Because organizations shape our world, once our leadership in them becomes bolder, our whole world will become better.

What characteristic do entrepreneurs and business owners need to be a bold leader in today’s environment?

There are two that go hand in hand: vulnerability and the willingness to put a little skin in the game. Without being open to being seen, to making mistakes and being prepared to fail, there is no bold leadership. We cannot create and innovate and pass the risk on to someone else.

We so often play it safe in our lives and in our work because we try to maintain a sense of security which is mostly an illusion. The more we try to avoid potential failures and criticisms, the less able we are to see the possibilities and the bold decisions and actions that are required of us to turn those possibilities into reality.

What commonalities do you find between Croatian leaders and American leaders when it comes to becoming a true leader in today’s corporate culture?

What we all have in common is the need for connection. No matter where we come from and our cultural background, true leaders know about authentic relationships.

Leadership today is relational, not transactional. Leaders must be able to see each other’s potential, trade judgment for curiosity, and have impeccable listening skills no matter where they are. True leaders know that they never create alone and that successful leadership lies in their relationship with others.

Why is leadership important for Zana Goic Petricevic?

Leadership must be important to all of us. We sometimes think that leadership is reserved for the few who are in charge, but that is a very limiting perspective. Anyone can be empowered to be a leader, regardless of their job title. We are leaders by being human because we have our own unique work to do in our part of the world.

We just have to decide to learn more about our passion and impact and develop our ability to prioritize our vision over fear, and we can change our reality and the world around us. I believe our collective future will require that we bring our leadership to the table like never before in history.

What are the three main takeaways that can be applied to your professional life that you talk about in your latest book, “Bold Reinvented”?

First, leaders never stop learning. Second, leaders build communities because all that really matters is done with other people. Third, leadership is inseparable from vision just as vision is inseparable from fear.

“Bold Reinvented: Next level leader with Courage, Consciousness and Conviction” is available on Amazon.

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